Rift Maker Mothership Rift Maker Mothership

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lucas1988, 2002-10-14

Remember that huge Mother on the last borg mission in SP? We all do right? Wink Luke has done it again, making that monstrocity the standard 8472 starbase Smile

To Install the Species 8472 Rift Maker Mothership do the following

Extract the files into the folder that has got this zip file in

then go into that folder and copy everything in it and paste them
into your Star Trek Armada II directory

Then You will have the 8472 Rift Maker Mothership

if you are having any trouble with it please contact me at


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#1 Guest 2002-10-14 16:53
Very Nicely done. it Rock s big time.

#2 Guest 2003-12-13 14:45
its a great ship but it is way to big. i can only make 3 before my map is full.
#3 Vladiator 2004-12-26 17:04


this thing? Is

Me Likey! :thumbsup: :borg:

Please do not cuss on the comments

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#4 Captain_Righteous 2005-04-13 17:22
:roll: why didn't you just tell people to add 8472_heromothership.odf into the file called species8472.odf under starting units? Would be a lot easier and exactly the same and free up a whooping 111 kb that is in my opinion being totally wasted by something that anyone can do by reading a text file. :roll:
#5 USS_Mouse 2006-02-02 15:50
I was hoping that the rift maker looked diferent from the mother :cry:
#6 DR_Chaotica 2008-08-30 11:18
What is the point here is how you do it. Go to your techtree file. Open tech1 and add under 8472 ships or station: 8472_heromothership.odf 0 and the same with fulltech. The either add it to the embro or defender and you can build it (BuildItem13 = "847_mothership)

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