Cardassian Quantum Facility Starbase Cardassian Quantum Facility Starbase

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lucas1988, 2002-10-13

Remember this?

It was seen in the final Klingon mission in SP...and that's it.

Luke modified the odf, and now it functions as a standard Cardassian Starbase Smile


To Install the Quantum Facility Starbase do the following

Extract the files into the folder that has got this zip file in

then go into that folder and copy everything in it and paste them
into your Star Trek Armada II directory

Then You will the Quantum Facility Starbase

if you are having any trouble with it please contact me at

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#1 ussrelativity 2002-10-13 15:08
I like it better than the original starbase, better graphics.
#2 Wraith_166 2004-06-12 03:58
Well I prefer the original Cardassian Starbase, but maybe that's just me... Anyway I would have liked it better with the following modifications:

1. Be able to build it as a separate/new station.

2. Be able to build Kulinor Class Science Vessels from the station.

3. Maybe have it's own modified Quantum Singularity weapon where it gates in 8 of the 8472 Battleships AND 1 Frigate.

4. Have it's own Wireframe AND Build Button instead of using the Starbase's.

Plus the fact that I start off with this thing as a Starbase ticks me off. How do I fix it? If you can figure out a way to fix this PLEASE E-mail me at:

Other than that ussrelativity was right: it was excellently made. :D :D :D
#3 Captain_Righteous 2005-03-20 15:34
hmmm....since there are little if any changes to the station, why didn't you just release a text document that told people how to add this station to the cardassian construction ship and the tech trees? would have allowed more people to download it probably.
#4 Captain_Righteous 2005-03-20 15:36
why didn't you just release a text file telling people how to add this to the game instead of having them overwrite their files, which are probably already modded?
#5 Andrew_Of_Borg 2005-08-03 10:08
I might make one, non-starbase like, but has an utrinium beam (or whatever it is) and quantum singularity combined special weapon with unlimited range.
#6 Limon36 2006-11-03 16:51
You didn't this starbase the game made it, but I mod the it to be a mutilrace starbase (I don't have FTP so no one can have it).
#7 Limon36 2006-11-03 16:52
You didn't this starbase the game makers it, but I mod the it to be a mutilrace starbase (I don't have FTP so no one can have it).
#8 Firestorm603 2008-10-09 09:09
You should make the starbase emit the Omega destabilisation wave as seen in A1, easy enough done, would look cool. Nice ODF MOD, 10*.

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