Cardassian Advanced Yard Cardassian Advanced Yard

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Aad Moerman, 2009-06-16

Aad Moerman's already given us a Cardassian advanced yard. But he wasn't happy with it, so he rebuilt it with new parts, and it looks fantastic. This new version has a build button and a wireframe separate from the old one, which is awesome news. Now you get two Cardassian advanced yards from Aad Moerman and if you're happy with them, you get more space for the Cardies to build ships. That's good value for your spoonheads!

Definitely worth a download.


Cardassian advanced yard by Aad Moerman

This is the 2nd version of the Cardassian advanced yard. I created most parts anew. I wasn't quite happy with the first version.
I've edited the stock textures and again made a new wireframe and buildbutton.

Important Note:
Make a backup of your existing files, because most files in this folder will overwrite the stock files!


Original mesh and textures from Armada 2.

Please note:
I cannot be hold responsible for any damage or problems otherwise regarding this model.

You may use these ships in your mod, just give credit where its do.

Thank you for downloading.


Installation instructions

Put the sod file into the sod folder of Armada II. When prompted to overwrite, click 'yes'.

Put the odf file into the odf station folder of Armada II. When prompted to overwrite, click 'yes'.

put the tga into the texture RGB folder of Armada II. When prompted to overwrite, click 'yes'.
( I include the MS3D files for those who are interested.)

Open the Bitmaps folder of Armada II --> open Admiralslog --> open ShipImages and put the image there. When prompted to overwrite, click 'yes'.


Open Sprites --> open gui_global

find the lines:

#Cardassian wireframes

delete the following lines:

cyard2w1 cardwireframe05 0 48 48 48
cyard2w2 cardwireframe05 48 48 48 48
cyard2w3 cardwireframe05 96 48 48 48
cyard2w4 cardwireframe05 144 48 48 48
cyard2w5 cardwireframe05 192 48 48 48

then find:

#Cardassian wireframes
@reference=128 (if not present, just add the reference)

add below that list:

cyard2w1 wfcyard2 0 0 128 128


Version  2.0  Author  Aad Moerman  Website   
Downloads  549  Size  739.53 KB  Created  2009-06-16 



#1 apoclaydon 2009-06-16 14:06
looks great
#2 meda 2009-06-16 15:11
keep up the great stuff aad :D

i love your amazing work
#3 Doom369 2009-06-16 23:25
This one is definitely better than the last. Good work.
#4 Majest 2009-06-17 14:30
Indeed awesome work Aad. Rock
#5 angryandorian 2010-08-02 11:53
There's no mod in this file, it's just a bunch of ms3d files...

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