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ModelStarbase.png Stargate Atlantis 3D Mesh and Textures

(31 votes)

This is the Stargate Atlantis 3D Mesh and Textures which does what it says on the tin; provide you with several 3d model formats of Atlantis City alon…

 ColdDarkParanoia 2008-01-29   3.69 MB 6,427 Comments: 3

ModelStarbase.png Terrasphere Starbase

(6 votes)

Species 8472 Terrasphere Starbase

 MRJOHN 2005-09-22   197.49 KB 864 Comments: 14

ModelStarbase.png Transwarp Portal Station

(5 votes)

Developed by our very own SuperStarAsh, this textured but not converted model of a nice Borg Transwarp Portal.

 Transmission 2006-02-22   1.37 MB 641 Comments: 4