"Honorverse" CA (2.0)

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Kwan, 2003-11-16

This is an updated version of the "Honorverse" CA by Kwan. The textures different this time round.

Mod Name: Honorverse CA Version 2.0

Hello all. This is version 2 of my Honor Harrington Heavy Cruiser for Armada II. I think this is a lot closer to my ideal model. Still just using a texture from the game.
Don't think I'd be able to make a decent texture. Anyway, I got rid of the extra space; it was so simple I literally slapped myself on the forehead. Still crashes when
it tries to load the admiral's log. No clue why. I've also made a LAC model, which I'm planning to release soon. I've included the shipyard odf this time (fyard2.odf).
If you haven't added any other ships, then you could probably just copy it over your current one. If you have added ships, then you know how to change it:

just add

buildItemX = "CaFinal" in the section with all the other ships the station builds

where X is the next sequential number.

Files Included: Folder to extract to:
CaFinal.odf--------------------------------------------------------Armada II\odf\ships
fyard2.odf----------------------------------------------------------Armada II\odf\ships

CaFinal.tga--------------------------------------------------------Armada II\textures\RGB
CaFwireframe.tga-----------------------------------------------Armada II\textures\RGB

CaFinal.bmp------------------------------------------------------Armada II\bitmaps\Admiral's Log\shipImages

CaFinal.sod-------------------------------------------------------Armada II\sod

Ok, now the file editing everyone has to do (unless you have ArMod II):

Ok, open up the file "gui_global.spr" in the Sprites folder.

Next, find the section that looks like this:

b_fmining gbfmining 0 0 64 64
b_fsensor gbfsensor 0 0 64 64
b_fyard gbfyard 0 0 64 64
b_fbase gbfbase 0 0 64 64
b_fconst gbfconst 0 0 64 64
b_ffreight gbffreight 0 0 64 64

This is the section that contains all the build buttons for the federation ships (note all the f's before names).
Somewhere in this section simply add:

b_CaFinal CaFinal 0 0 64 64

This lets the game know that there is a build button for the ship, what the file name is, and the coordinates of the image (in the file).

Now, find the section that looks like this:


fbattlew1 fedwireframe01 0 0 48 48
fbattlew2 fedwireframe01 48 0 48 48
fbattlew3 fedwireframe01 96 0 48 48
fbattlew4 fedwireframe01 144 0 48 48
fbattlew5 fedwireframe01 192 0 48 48

fgalaxyw1 fedwireframe01 0 48 48 48
fgalaxyw2 fedwireframe01 48 48 48 48
fgalaxyw3 fedwireframe01 96 48 48 48
fgalaxyw4 fedwireframe01 144 48 48 48
fgalaxyw5 fedwireframe01 192 48 48 48

and add this:

CaFinalw1 CaFwireframe 0 0 48 48
CaFinalw2 CaFwireframe 0 0 48 48
CaFinalw3 CaFwireframe 0 0 48 48
CaFinalw4 CaFwireframe 0 0 48 48
CaFinalw5 CaFwireframe 0 0 48 48

I must admit that I just did a simple wireframe. It's just one picture repeated. No individual system sections (kinda hard with this design anyway).

Anyway, this should be all you need to do, aside from changing the shipyard file if you need to.

Well, now you've got yourself a heavy cruiser from the Honor Harrington Universe. Hope you enjoy it.
Any questions and comments can be sent to kwan_316@hotmail.com

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#1 Guest 2003-12-05 21:54
Is no one gonna comment? I figured there might be at least a few Honor Harrington fans in the community.
#2 Guest 2004-01-16 07:40
You need a bitmap in the /bitmaps/admiralslog folder named like the ship in order to avoid crashing of the Admirals Log.

If it is already included and it's cause of another reason, I apologize for this, but it seems the most obvious solution.
#3 Guest 2004-06-26 08:10
Minor nitpick, but warships in the Honor Harrington universe have hammerhead bows and sterns, because of the way their forward and aft chase armament is mounted.
#4 Captain_Steve 2004-08-05 04:11
the most common cause of admiral's log problem i've encountered is a missing/misspelled ship class label (i.e. scout, frigate, destroyer, etc.)
#5 Supreme_Hunter_Guyver 2007-01-09 20:41
Nice. I could use that as a "super" ship for the Federation. lol. 10 out of 10

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