Bajoran Raider (with HP's) Bajoran Raider (with HP's)

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adm_tyler, 2008-06-22
This will add Hardpoints the Scoutship/Raider from the Bajoran Ship Pack. It also includes a list of names for any Bajoran ships (I still use the same .list method as the FO team). A HP map is included.

Looks pretty good-- I liked this model when the Bajoran Ship Pack made it available and now with hardpoints it's even better.

Download this one for the full canon experience. Somebody out there's gotta be working on a Maquis Full Race mod....


Mishkaco's Bajoran Scoutship with Hardpoints. This has the SOD, along with a selection of possible Bajoran names and a HP map.

It was made by Mishkaco.

Vessel SOD: Mishkaco
Hardpoints: Me
Name file: Me
HP Map: Me

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#1 adm_tyler 2008-06-23 07:30
Forgot the Key on the HP map. Red = Top, White = Middle, Green = Bottom.

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