Gundam 02 Gundam 02

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Epytron Omega, 2002-10-06

I haven't seen the show, but I'm told this is a nice recreation Smile

The only drawback is its extremely high poly, which means it will cause some slowdown in older computers...

Readme file for Gundam 02

well hello all i know its been some time since ive released anything so here you all go the Gundam 02 it doesnt have nor need a texture
so thats a plus.

Files that are here.

Gundam02.odf ----> odf/ships directory
Gundam02.sod ----> SOD directory
Readme ----> this file

well it is pretty simple to add this to the game just open a shipyard put in buildItemxx = "gundam02" where xx is the next free build space.
to add to techtree just add this line to the file

Gundam02.odf 0

hope you have some fun with it.

Epytron Omega

contact me at if there is trouble or suggestions.

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#11 Epytron_Omega 2004-12-17 08:50
I have seen the show, I just decided to do something completely different other then what I saw, something original. I do plan on making a Wing Zero, probably the standard and flight modes, and switch between both, but I have been busy with my own mods, Warzones, and Mech Warz (sorta like gundam, but a little less detailed).

#12 HCE_MMZ_TS3 2005-10-20 18:12
I love Gundams alot so i thought mabye i could make a gundam or 2 well it ended as i wanted to make Gundam seed FULL RACE. So for other Gundam people i will be posting a text file with all the info. sorry. But i love your mod alot so keep up the good work.(I wish there were more people who build mods like this)
#13 avatar260 2006-03-21 07:46
i think its cool my sister thought it was kinda strange to have a gundam flying at warp speen with the enterprise.

If you have seen gundam seed i have a request or two .1 could you make the ship archangel from the show or could you make the freedom gundam with its meteor system i would like these if you would like to email me about this subject my email is
#14 Master_Sauron 2007-05-31 06:58
why not try and make the gundam Wing Zero from gundam wing endless waltz

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