Giant Picard Head Giant Picard Head

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Cylon54, 2005-09-21

This is, well, a giant Captain Picard head from Bridge Commander that you can now use as a ship. It's a rather pointless mod, its only use is for laughs (you just have to see it in-game i guess)

Download if you want.

This is a big Picard head for Armada 2

install instructions
move the folders into your Armada II folder and let them overwrite any files.

note: if you have other ships installed you will have to edit the tech tree yourself


buildItemXX = "pic";
to a construction yard (where XX is the next number in line from the previous one e.g/ buildItem1

i converted the model and texture bridge commander and made the odf files myself

activision, it's affiliates, sub-divisions or any other part of the company did not make this mod.

all startrek related items are copyrighted paramount

anyone can use this but please give me credit


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#21 Raygen 2006-06-07 03:22
LOLRock i would like to see a screenie of a Giant Picard Head in-battle...

sounds fun!! :thumbsup:
#22 Raygen 2006-09-25 07:34
If he shoots out of his eyes, this is a MUST download! 10/10 :thumbsup:

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