USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D

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seaquest3062, 2005-09-02

This is an Enterprise-D (Star Trek: The Next Generation) For Aramda II

This is the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D Commanded By Captain Jean-Luc Picard For Armada II.

Personal Note:

I used the same sounds I used for my USS Stargazer Hero ship for this vessel. It made sense. lol


Copy and paste all files to the Armada II Directory


Sod, TGA, ODF - Deemon
Sounds, ODF Editing - Me, ussambersa (or seaquest3062)


You may use this ship in your mod, just give myself and Deemon credit.


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#1 paulhanselluk 2005-09-02 07:13
The model looks great, however if this is surposed to be a recreation of 1701-D then it has 2 major items missing iam affraid

1) Tractor beam

2) Saucer seperation

now I know these are easy to add if you have basic modding skills but new people may not know how to do this and will loose out on what could be a great ship

other that that great

8.5 / 10
#2 ZeroSystem 2005-09-02 09:59
The tractor beam is easy enough for any modder to do, but does this model even support the saucer seperation weapon?
#3 draconis_sharp 2005-09-02 15:05
I'm not sure, but isn't the same ship available from this site already? I'm pretty sure that it is, but it may yet be a higher detail one ported over from sfc or bc. If it has been imported, don't you think you should have included the number of polys?
#4 TG_Earl 2005-09-02 20:19
Its hard to see some of its detail with the selection ring, looks good, but it all cant be seen.
#5 NuclearFieldMarshall 2005-09-02 21:55
Well, the textures are great. But, ya, this is like the 10th mod of the Enterprise.

Who knows? Maybe we don't need saucer seperation. Just keeps Deana from crashing another ship...

#6 seaquest3062 2005-10-09 21:53
This ship was created by Deemon for the MP for Armada II. Tractor beam I can add, however, the ship does support seperation, but since I don't know how to edit the special weapon odf's, to make the complete ship, both halfs, plus ship, still be the Enterprise-D, I took the weapon off the ship. The Deanna thing is funny. lol.
#7 STARTREKFREAK 2011-01-17 07:37
so wil there come an update oh yeah and can you built it in a shipyard? because aint like a construction ship to do it
#8 Terra_Inc 2011-01-19 10:10
Com'on. An update after 7 years? The people who made this have probably left this community a long time ago.
#9 seaquest3062 2012-10-09 11:30
Surprisingly enough, I still look in once in a while, but i have stopped making these ships. Thanks for the comments though. :-)

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