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Greathor, 2006-01-24

Well Folks, what we have here is an updated version of the Manta Class posted not that long ago. This one (from a quick glance) has reworked textures that come out a treat. Although not a personal fan of these 25th Century Ships, the model itself is quite impressive, and from what I've seen in the forums, there are more to come. Wink

Forum Link: Mantis Class & Varients


Enterprise J by Greathor.

Included is the Manta class and the Enterprise J

Add ODF to ODF, ships
Add textures to Textures
Add weapons to weapons, phasers
And bitmap to bitmap, admiras logs, ship images

Now, open up techtree, tech1 and add:

fentJ.odf 2 fyard2.odf fupgrade.odf
fmanta.odf 2 fyard2.odf fupgrade.odf

Then open up full tech and add:

fentJ.odf 0
fmanta.odf 0

Then, go to ODF, stations, and find fyard2.


buildItem* = "fmanta"
buildItem* = "fentJ"

*=next number in list


Ship Model: Greathor
Textures: ramiel (from scifi-meshes) and Yacuzza
Hardpointing: Yacuzza
ODF: Greathor/Yacuzza
Phasers: APCMmkII (From his Ares class)

As of now, there is no build button or wireframe.

If you would like to use this ship in your mod, please ask me first.

You install at own risk, I cannot be held responsable for any damage that may occur (had to say it :) )

Version  2.0  Author  Greathor  Website   
Downloads  1,067  Size  2.96 MB  Created  2006-01-24 



#11 Greathor 2006-02-12 10:57
Can you show me the schematic?
#12 cruzo 2006-03-01 13:04
Help, Please, I hadnt problem to build and use that wonderfull ship called Enterprise-J. But when a try to make any one manta class ship i got a cube with a bug imagen in the 6 sides. I mean i got a cube and not a manta class ship. Its sure something wrong. Doesnt somebody knows how to fix it? (I have all the patches i nstalled)
#13 KevinJohnson 2006-07-01 00:30
a1 version comming soon

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