Intrepid Aeroshuttle (Captain's Yacht) Intrepid Aeroshuttle (Captain's Yacht)

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Spectre, 2004-02-04

Developed by Spectre and Major A Payne, this mod is the captains yacht/ intrepid aeroshuttle for Armada 2,

Intrepid Aeroshuttle (Captains Yacht)


Mesh: Major A Payne
Texture: Major A Payne
ODF: Spectre
Build Button & Wireframes: Spectre

Special thanks to: Ex Astris Scientia for Model & Texture References.


1.) You might have extracted the files, if not extract them (desktop would be safe)

2.) Copy the files into their directories:

*.ODF --> ./ODF/Ships
*.SOD --> ./SOD
*.TGA --> ./Textures/RGB

3.) Adding to a Station.

Depending on what station you wish to use Base (fbase.odf) Shipyard (fyard.odf) or advanced shipyard (fyard2.odf)

- Open the odf
- add the next build item (buildItem* = "sodname" (i.e. buildItem5 = "faero)
- Save

4.) Sprites (build button & wireframes)

- Go to Sprite folder
- Open gui_global.spr

- go down to:

Federation build buttons



b_faero gbfaero 0 0 64 64

- go down to:

# Federation wireframes



faerow1 faero 0 0 48 48
faerow2 faero 48 0 48 48
faerow3 faero 96 0 48 48
faerow4 faero 144 0 48 48
faerow5 faero 192 0 48 48

5.) Techtree

- Under the particular race and the ships section add:

faero.odf 1 fbase.odf

(the above line is a example under federation ships.)


Any problems email me at: or icq: 79146921

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#21 Deepwater 2004-02-21 13:44
This ones fine for the moment

Would you like a copy of the S.T.G.V in return
#22 MajorPayne 2004-02-21 14:09
Thanks for the offer, but I've got that much work on at the moment, I doubt I'd be able to do anything but archive it.
#23 jamesamey 2004-03-25 04:40
can someone tell me how to make these ships,if so i would build probaly the enterprise nx01
#24 Bogie 2004-04-10 04:11
What can I say, It looks nice and it really adds some aura to the game lol
#25 Generic_Evil_Genius 2004-08-16 13:07
FINALY PROOF! i always knew that wierd shape on the bottom of the saucer section if an intrepis wos somekind of captins yacht

ps. cool moddel, bit blocky tho
#26 MajorPayne 2005-05-15 01:48
Ick!!! Its no wonder I never liked my own version of this. The textures are very poor to say the least and the actual ship isn't that accurate. Perhaps one day I'll create a minimod of my corrected version (shame my 4000 poly version would be next to useless for Armada, but oh well).

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