Eagle Class Eagle Class

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vt1032, 2003-11-06

This is a eagle class ship by VT1032. It looks rather odd IMO, but yet i still like it Smile

Eagle Class

Well this is a convert/kit file .


MOD Type - Kit
Class - Eagle
Convert/Kit - VT1032


Texture Info

Federation - Yes
Borg - No
Alpha Channel - no


Weapon Info

Phaser - Yes
Toredos - yes
Pulse - No

Details / Install

-NOTE- This model has about 800 polygons, so slower machines might have trouble to play this mod.

Copy the - the (Eagle X)odf file to the odf\ships folder.
- the sod file to the sod folder.
- the tga files to the Textures\RGB folder.

Then you just have to add it to a shipyard or the editor menu and you're done.

Add de Eagle "ship" in a constrution Yard like fyard XX ... jusT copy this in fyard.odf
buildItem12 = "Eagle"
Add in techtree ( fulltech and tech1)
// Ships
Eagle.odf 0 // Eagle Class

in Sprites

# Federation build buttons
b_Eagle gbfEagle 0 0 64 64

# Federation wireframes
Eaglew1 fedwf27 0 128 128 128




Original Art

This Model is a Kit from other ships
All credits go to the original creators of those ships.

Final Words

I hope you enjoy this mod. I do.

Any comments you have are welcome.

Version    Author  vt1032  Website   
Downloads  1,459  Size  1.71 MB  Created  2003-11-06 



#11 techoid 2003-12-10 22:04
Nice job are you going to be submitting the station please.
#12 Guest 2003-12-18 16:50
Where can I find this ship/shipyard combo?

(in what file on armada 2 files.com)
#13 Chiletrek 2004-01-02 21:26

I really like this ship, but it could be nicer with the alpha channel stuff, I hope someone would release a texture patch (because I don't know how to do it! :sad: ) and then enjoy the ship even in darker places of our galaxy!!!!!!!!!!!!.

#14 Guest 2004-07-19 19:24
let's see.... part sovereign on saucer,part nebula "gives up" :P
#15 Mertek 2005-02-21 11:28
looks spectacular and highly original! consider me downloading...
#16 Shadow51689 2005-08-11 00:54
STGamerNew2002, look closley, thats actually a trading station with an adv. shipyard floating behind it.

I'd love to know whaat that blue object is however!
#17 Darth_Dracon 2007-08-24 15:43
Hmmm looks like the Excalabure From one of the Babylon 5 series
#18 JOtruba 2009-04-22 04:02
it looks rather like 2001 odessey designer met guy who is resposible for Sovereign class .O

it is intreguing however

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