9of9's Akira (Retexture) 9of9's Akira (Retexture)

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Jetfreak, 2008-01-17

Here is a nice retexture of 9of9's Akira Class by Jetfreak.

This model has been updated with textures from P81 and new lightmaps, new Borg textures are included. It looks good but I have seen better Akira textures, to be honest Wink . It's also important to know that this ship has been balanced to the stock game.
So, if you still have the stock Akira class in your fleet: this is a much better replacement. Smile

- TParis

9 of 9's Akira Class

- Apparently, I have a habit of rescurrecting old and forgotten models. An example of this would be 9 of 9's Akira.
With the time I had, I retextured this old model and asked Dan1025 to add lightmaps. The results were superb so
I decided to release it.

- Though low poly, this model really captures the shape and beauty of the Akira that I always liked. Though some higher
poly models exist. This model is still quite nice.

- This ship will serve as a direct replacement to the stock Akira. It is balanced to Stock specs.


Original Model and Textures: 9 of 9
Federation Textures: Rick Knox (aka p81)
Borg Textures: Rick Knox's Fed textures which I edited
Borgified Parts: Scanned from the Star Trek: The Next Generation Sketch Book

Special Thanks to:
Dan1025 - He added an alpha channel to the textures and he made the model use alphas.

Akira Class Brief History:

Introduced: 2370's
Ship type: Heavy Cruiser
Length: 440m.
Special Weapon: Chain Reaction Pulsar
Major Conflits fought: 2nd Borg Incursion of 2373 and the Dominion War (2374-2375)

Put into production in 2370, the Akira Class was designed to provide offensive strength and support to Starfleet�s armada.
Its impressive shielding, maneuverability and powerful phaser banks make it useful in both offensive and defensive situations.
The Akira Class quickly proved to be an invaluable asset. The ship class has seen action various times and has fought in many major
conflicts involving the United Federation of Planets. Her overall design bears a striking resemblance to the NX Class Starship
launched 200 years earlier.

Notable Ships: USS Akira NX/NCC-62497 - Class pathfinder
USS Thunderchild NCC-63549 - Fought in the second Borg Incursion (2373)
USS Spector NCC-65549 - Led the task force to recapture the USS Prometheus from the Tal Shiar (2374)


To install: (Remember to backup)

Open the SOD folder
Place the fcruise1.sod to the folder and replace the old file

Open the odf/ships folder
Place the fcruise1.odf to the folder and replace the old file

Open the textures/rgb folder
Place the akira.tga and akira_b.tga files

Open Bitmaps/Admiralslog/ShipImages folder
Place the fcruise1.bmp and replace the old file

Note that no build buttons and wireframes are required. You can use the stock ones :)

Youre good to go! Engage!
You can also use this ship in any mod, just give the proper credits.

- Jetfreak

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#1 Doom369 2008-01-18 10:26
this is a pretty nice retexture here. good job.

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