7th Fleet Sabre Class 7th Fleet Sabre Class

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FranxoftImports, 2009-12-11

This MOD (like the other) replaces the stock Sabre Class. Both texture and ODF. My version has new weapons as well. (in short: range of phasers and photon topedoes match, less powerful, less tough, less officers, faster to build and cheaper.)

This version now has borg textures as well.

As suggested, I now used the ZIP format.

files included: ODFs, SOD, TGA, BMP and JPEGS.

I retextured this stock-model because I couldn't find a properly matching Sabre with all these beautiful designs found online.
In short it was always the odd one out. Until now.

If you would like to add and or modify my mod, please mention "Franxoft Imports". Either in your readme, or (like I will) in my version of the game's credits.
(hmmmm did I just give away a very good idea?)

This MOD contains:

- Textures: new, by yours truely. :borg: INCLUDED!

- SOD: old, by Activision

- ODF: modified by me (in short: range of phasers and photontorpedoes
now match, less powerful, less tough, less officers, faster to build and cheaper.)

- Adlog pic.: found elsewhere online!!!
- Some screenshots

I'm still working on my total conversion MOD called "Seventh Fleet" And I like to think it's as well balanced as it is like the "real" thing.
This configuration provides a small, fast ship with little in the way of firepower and stamina. (being the weakest Starfleet ship, no surprise)

The Buildbutton and Wireframes are NOT included since I just use the stock versions.

Installation is extremly easy:
Simply unzip the downloaded file directly into the main ARMADAII directory and you're done.

Do make sure you 've got a backup, for the files will replace older ones on the stock game.
Furthermore, make sure fdestroy2_1.tga and fdestroy2_2.tga in your texturesRGB directory are deleted. Otherwise (at least on my system) the game will crash

Enjoy, Franxoft Imports

If anyone would explain to me how to get rid of the horrible teamcolor-banner on the hull, I'd appriciate it.

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