24th Century Constitution Class Refit 24th Century Constitution Class Refit

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VenerableDread, 2008-03-26

The Federation's Constitution class starship. No other vessel in Trek history has been more revered, more deeply loved, and more comprehensively torn to shreds in the mod community. The original "mod", if you will, in the Star Fleet Technical Manual, gave us variants like the Surya and the Federation class. When the Phase II designs were turned down, modders then witnessed, in the Motion Picture era, both a major refit to the Constitution, and had a variant handed to them, the equally ubiquitous Miranda class. With TNG came the Constellation class, and by then, other designs like the Akyazi, Akula, Abbe, the Ark Royal, and other such designs had become widely known. Even some of the "frankenships" of Wolf 359 had Constitution parts. In fact, by DS9, the torch for the Constitution class --er, that is to say, the warp nacelles-- continued to be carried in such designs as the Curry / Shelley class and the implausibly hideous Elkins variant.

Not content to stop there, the mod community assumed that the United Federation of Planets, despite considerable evidence to the contrary, would maintain the very same passion for this design as we do. The results have been given to us in the form of the USS Shaandra elsewhere, and here, in this refit "24th Century" version, from VenerableDread.

Considering this is one of VenerableDread's first released models, the efforts he's gone to in order to bring another new lease on life to the Constitution class are greatly appreciated. Fans of the original --and to many, best-- starship that Star Trek has ever had will want to call this model their own. Others may simply download this one because, hey, it's a new ship.

Bottom line: download this one today.

- the Kid


Federation Constitution Class (24th Century Refit) by VenerableDread

A venerable starship that was in service during the 23rd Century. Due to popular demand, Starfleet brought these ships back in action once more in the 24th Century and they are now up to date to keep up with the rest of the fleet.

NOTE: Yes, I do know that the Federation are a group of attention whores when it comes to ship making but I can't resist just making another "little" ship for them... :(

1. Extract all files to their respective folders.

2. Find the file gui_global.spr in the sprites directory and add the lines in their
respective places.

Under Federation build buttons:
b_fconstitution gbfconstitution 0 0 64 64

Under Federation wireframes:
fconstitutionw1 FconstitutionW 0 0 64 64

3. Find the file fyard.odf and add the following under the last build item.
buildItemX = "fconstitution"

NOTE: X is the number after the last thing the Shipyard can build.

4. Find and edit all relevant techtree files and add the following lines in the
respective files and their respective places.

tech1.tt, nospweap.tt & earlytech.tt:
// ***[ FEDERATION SHIPS ]**********************
fconstitution.odf 2 fyard.odf fresear.odf // cruiser4 (constitution class)

fconstitution.odf 0

5. Play the game as the Federation and remember, THIS IS SPARTAAA!

VenerableDread (me, duh), for making this fun little mod
Various Star Trek websites that helped me make the model and textures on this thing

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#1 Jetfreak 2008-03-26 22:10
Very nice, could use some improvement but still, it's a connie so 10/10
#2 stevemann33 2008-03-27 13:38
Thanx for the work!I will be adding this to my mod,Voyager2 Project!I have added the Victory Class battleship,and,converted it to a carrier.!!!!This shall be a good complament to the Victory!!
#3 VenerableDread 2008-03-28 13:52
You can sure use it stevemann33, just give me credit. ;-)
#4 Firestorm603 2008-07-13 05:44
This ship looks great, excellent work venerable.
#5 xNCxSniper 2011-03-09 09:26
#6 Captain_Vampire 2011-11-02 17:49
errr, can't buid it man, maybe a did something wrong :sad:

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