Saratoga Class Battlecruiser Saratoga Class Battlecruiser

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Pizza the Hutt, 2005-03-27

This ship is a kitbash of the stock Sovereign, the SFCII Miranda and the stock

Akira; It has textures, build button, wireframe, odf and Admiral's log picture. As

you can see from the screenie, this is a smart looking ship. See the readme for

more information.

Enjoy It!!!

Saratoga Class Battlecruiser by Pizza the Hutt

The Saratoga Class combines the compact and efficent design of the Miranda Class with the size,
firepower and technology of the Sovereign Class. The Class was named in honor of the Miranda
Class USS Saratoga which was lost during the Battle of Wolf 365.

Known flaws: No Borg texture, wireframe not perfect, damage textures not correct.


Copy the file fbattle2.sod into the SOD folder
Copy the .tga files into the Textures > RGB folder
Copy the file fbattle2.odf into the ODF > ships folder
Copy the file fbattle2.bmp into the Bitmaps > Admiralslog folder

Open the file fyard2.odf or fyard.odf (whichever shipyard you want the ship
To be built from) and insert the line: buildItemXX = "fbattle2" under
build Parameters below the last ship to be build
XX being the next unused number

Save that file

Open "tech 1" from the Techtree folder and insert this line:

fbattle2.odf 1 fyard2.odf // Saratoga class

Save this file, open "" and insert the following line

fbattle2.odf 0

Then save and open "GUI_global.spr" from the sprites folder

Then add this line under federation build buttons:

b_fbattle2 gbfbattle2 0 0 64 64

There is a wire frame, it is not perfect, but at least there is one
just add this line into the gui global under wireframes


fbattle2w1 fbattlewire 40 0 40 40
fbattle2w2 fbattlewire 0 40 40 40
fbattle2w3 fbattlewire 40 40 40 40
fbattle2w4 fbattlewire 80 0 40 40
fbattle2w5 fbattlewire 0 0 40 40

Most work done by Pizza the Hutt
The golden deflector dish and some parts of the textures are from Deemon's Sovereign

You can use this ship for your own mods as long as you credit me as author of this ship

Thank you for downloading this ship.

Have fun!!!

Pizza the Hutt

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#1 jackt010 2005-04-12 11:44
it ant the prityest of ships is it?
#2 jackt010 2005-04-12 11:45
update of #1 : :oops: :oops: :oops: :
#3 Stargazor_001 2005-04-13 09:36
Now that's a nice ship. I'm certunately in for a download, I dont know about the rest of you... Rock

:-) Nice that it finally working now, better late than never :-)
#4 ewm91 2005-04-16 08:59
very few ships futions work well. this one duss i like it.
#5 Elrond 2005-04-16 12:22
Yeah, it's pretty neat! I like this ship a lot. Pizza the Hutt is definitely the funniest username I've heard in a long time! You should have seen his avatar on Gaming Forums! hahaha!Rock
#6 Tycoon 2005-04-17 11:11
Its a neat design, the only thing i don'tl ike is the deflector area!
#7 Wraith_166 2005-04-23 07:45
Hhmm.... I do agree, the deflector dish needs some work, but otherwise it looks really cool. 9/10 from me because the deflector needs a little work. Nicely done Pizza, and amusing name too.

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