S31's Construction ship S31's Construction ship

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ArcherScott, 2005-03-16

This is the basic construction ship but with a twist. It builds a new research station that augments the Federation
with Romulan weapons but tailor made for the Federation.

I know, I'm going to get hastle for putting this in the ships section when it's mainly a new station...but....there you go.

This is my first foray into making something. I hope to make better things but I wanted to share an idea I had.

This is the basic construction ship but with a twist. It builds a new research station that augments the Federation
with Romulan weapons but tailor made for the Federation.

Have the Romulans signed a treaty? Have they gone crazy? No, those dastardly agents of Section 31
are back with the blueprints after a covert operation.

The shields are stronger but there is less crew, well S31 don't trust too many people!

To install:

Go to Program Files/Activision/Armada II:

Insert ALL flies in the right folder!

All TGAs into Textures/RGBs
All SOD into SOD file
All ODF into ODF/ships
Pictures into bitmaps/AdmiralsLog/Ship Images

First build those decidely depective S31's Construction ship to build the new station:
Insert this into the Fbase ODF/stations

buildItemXX "fconst2"

Insert into Techtree

Tech 1:
fconst2.odf fbase.odf // S31 construct ship

fnews.odf fresear.odf // secret research station.

After the pods add:

fedpod90.odf fnews.odf // research pod (fed inversion beam)
fedpod91.odf fnews.odf // research pod (fed myotronic inhibitor)
fedpod92.odf fnews.odf // research pod (fed psychonic blast)
fedpod93.odf fnews.odf // research pod (fed sheild converter)

Special weapons:
gshieldi2.odf fedpod90.odf // fed inversionn beam (whichever ship)
gmyotron2.odf fedpod91.odf // fed myotronic inhibitor (whichever ship)
gpsyblst2.odf fedpod92.odf // fed psychonic blast (whichever ship)
gesconv2.odf fedpod93.odf // fed shield converter (whichever ship)

Full Tech:

After the last ships;
fconst2.odf 0
fnews.odf 0

After the last pods;
fedpod90.odf 0
fedpod91.odf 0
fedpod92.odf 0
fedpod93.odf 0

After the last special weapons;
gshieldi2.odf 0
gmyotron2.odf 0
gpsyblst2.odf 0
gensconv2.odf 0

Go to Sprites/gui_global find the pods numbered 1-6 add;

b_fedpod90 fpod200 64 64 64 64
b_fedpod91 fpod100 64 64 64 64
b_fedpod92 fpod200 64 64 64 64
b_fedpod93 fpod200 64 64 64 64

b_fconst2 gbfconst2 0 0 64 64
b_fnews gbfnews 0 0 64 64

b_gshieldi2 gbshieldi00 0 0 64 64
b_gpsyblst2 gbpblast00 0 0 64 64
b_gmyotron2 gbmyotron00 0 0 64 64
b_gesconv2 gbenrcvr00 0 0 64 64

(The station will look like the 2nd research station, the pods should be the Romulan special weapons pods)

NB - There are no wireframes or many build button pictures (pods and construction ship do)
(Sorry I don't know how to do that yet)

The special weapons buttons will be in the speed rail.

Now you can decide which ship gets what goodies!

If you wanted your defiant to have one of the weapons open up your
odf/ships, pick your ship - the defiant is fdestroy

Scroll down to this section:


See the Defiant's special weapon list:

To add replace ? with next number down the list. Number for weapons hardpoints should match weapon number.
I.e. If is is the fourth special weapon they both should be 4.

// Fed Psychonic Blast
weapon? = "gpsyblst2"
weaponHardpoints? = "hp26" "hp27" "hp28" "hp29"

*FULL CREDITS TO ACTIVISION!!!! And to the original designers whho made such a great game!
No changes to the look or design of the station, ship or pods.
(although I'm hoping to learn more and release my own ship soon.)

Only changes I made are to allow stronger shields and the construction of the special weapons for the use by the Federation.
Now they can syphon enemy shields, knock out thier weapons, or drive an opponents crew bananas!
Or be nice and reinforce an allied ship's shields

Also special thanks to Joeleton7, after reading the tutorial on how to make a duplicate ship it gave me courage
to take the plunge! I always wanted to bring Section 31 into the game!

Any questions e-mail jake_dean5055@hotmail.com


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#1 ZeroSystem 2005-03-16 18:34
No offense to the author, but the submitted screenshot is horribly zoomed in and blurry due to that fact. I am able to make out the construction ship, however. Screenshots are screenshots, not cropped images
#2 carlosd21 2005-03-16 18:43
Thats not the construction ship, thats a soverign using the romulan warbird's special wepon against a borg station.
#3 Lt_Cmdr_Breslin 2005-03-17 06:21
I'm assuming that the screenshot is picture taken by a digital camera of his moniter...literally a screen shot :P
#4 archerscott 2005-03-17 10:33

Yes I have a camera phone so it's the only way for me to take pictures at present. Sorry if the pictures are a little blurred. I am experimenting in editing!! :o

A game called SimCity had a built in ability to take snapshots of the screen. I am looking into alternatives to take pictures.

I did not arm the construction ships as I thought it more fun to give the ships the weapons. I've taken a few more pictures since but I thought you couldn't add to files once they went through.

Hope you have fun with the new weapons. :-)


#5 book 2005-03-17 11:27
There is a print screen button on the key board, when you press that, close the game and open paint, then go to edit and click paste.
#6 draconis_sharp 2005-03-17 12:29
Yes, simply hit Alt-P on your keyboard and it sends a picture to your A2 directory.
#7 archerscott 2005-03-26 17:25
Thanks! :-)



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