Normandy Class Normandy Class

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Tim "The Geek" Underbakke, 2002-11-24

From the Readme:

A new Section 31 ship for the Federation. This one also includes a special
weapon I have made (based on an old one, but enhanced) to prevent the Normandy from falling into the wrong hands
(figures, Section 31 alright.)

Normandy class Beta Mod
Author: Tim "The Geek" Underbakke
Name of mod: Normandy class beta

Description: A new Section 31 ship for the Federation. This one also includes a special
weapon I have made (based on an old one, but enhanced) to prevent the Normandy from falling into the wrong hands
(figures, Section 31 alright.)

Build Time: too long to remember!!!

Materials used: Milkshape 3d, utmv (aka assimview), Adobe Photoshop (for the new textures), notepad, Armod 2

Go easy on me since this is my first ship!!
Installation Instructions
This is the best part. You have two options. You can A) run the autoinstaller
(which may or may not overwrite mods, depends on what you have. Recommended for those w/o
mods) or
B) Add the files manaully. (recommended for those with modified games)

If you opt for choice B, follow these directions:

1. copy fnormandy.odf to your odf/ships dir.
2. copy gnormwave.odf and normandywave.odf to your odf/special_weapons dir.
3. copy all tgas to the Textures/Rgb dir.
4. copy all sods to the Sod dir.
5. Add these lines to gui_global.spr

Add this next line under fed build buttons:

b_fnormandy gbfnormandy 0 0 64 64

Add this line under special weapon buttons:

b_gnormwave gbnormwave 0 0 64 64

Save and close gui_global

6. Open weapon.spr and add this segment under the new weapons segment:


# Normandy special weapon wave texture
normwave wnormwave 0 0 32 32
Save and close weapon.spr

7. Open fyard.odf and add this to the build list:

buildItemX = "fnormandy"

where X = your last build Item number + 1
Save and close.

8. Open up whatever tech trees you want this to work in and add these lines:

Under fed ships, add:

fnormandy.odf 2 fyard.odf fresear.odf

Under fed special weapons add:

gnormwave.odf 1 fsuperbl.odf //Normandy Wave

Save and close the tech trees.



WASAAP, voyager009, Interstellar Machine, and Iggy for their aid and advice to help me learn how to make a new ship,
from start to finish. They also helped me learn what software to use (things like assimview)

Thanks to voyager009 for light effects added.

Thanks to WASAAP for the autoinstaller.

Beta testers: Paul Rasmussen, Andrew Bergk, and voyager009

Thanks to Activision for many of the textures (though not all).

WARNING- If this messes up your computer, you did something wrong.
I am NOT responsible.

Legal Stuff
This doesn't happen to be made or endorsed by Activision, MadDoc, etc. (not that anyone didn' know that,
it's just to avoid being sued by Activision because someone didn't read the warning).

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#1 The_Geek 2002-11-24 12:12
Since this is only a beta version, I will consider comments (to an extent) on what to change for 1.0

These changes will occur (so don't ask about these)

1. New physics file

2. Special weapon will be enhanced

If it is not about one of those two topics, please email me at for comments and ideas for what to fix.
#2 WASAAP 2002-11-24 18:23
Looks good! nice work :-) keep it up!! ;-)
#3 Admiral9 2002-11-25 12:53
great ship :borg:
#4 EFMASTER 2002-11-25 19:50
not bad for a beta version. very creative. needs more detailed nacelles. And if they are that big...why not make it super fast? good job tim
#5 The_Geek 2002-11-26 16:06
Progress is going well. I may not be able to fix the nacelles for the 1.0 release, but look for a possible update.

Also, be on the look out for a weapons refit.
#6 AdmiralQ 2002-11-27 09:58
I'm one of Tim's Beta Testers and all I'm going to Say is Normady V.1 Will be exteremly better by Omega Shockwave and better physics :D :D
#7 captain_henk 2002-11-27 14:52
:thumbsup: Nice ship.

BTW: are you from Belgium? 'tim' and 'underbakke' sound a bit belgium.
#8 The_Geek 2002-11-28 17:30
What AdmiralQ (aka Paul from my readme) has said is now confirmed. The new Normandy will utilize the Omega Shockwave special weapon. Also, the new physics make it faster than a scout.

The 1.0 will also have enhanced phasers.
#9 Admiral9 2002-12-07 14:45
cool ship tim u couldn't try making a auto installer iam fed up with insatlling everything manually

otherwise it's a great ship :D
#10 Captain_Reisen 2002-12-18 09:50
The ship itself is pretty good now but once you add the new physics file, it will rate even higher with fellow modders.

:borg: Persistance is not futile. :borg:

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