Nexum 4 - Build n mine Nexum 4 - Build n mine

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ArcherScott, 2008-05-22

A handy little tug that builds map resources. Able to warp and fire, thus a group of them serving as back up fighters allows scope. A new station supports built resources and allows metal mining by freighters. Freighters can now warp and gather quicker - even with a full load of latinum.

The new Nexum Mark Three is handy in single player missions, especially Borg mission 10, set in Fluidic Space. Now you mine in environments that don't have any moons, planets or latinum nebuale.

Nexum Class - Mark 3.

I've been sucked back into modding! You just can't stop!!

Introducing the splendid, the delightful, the delicious: NEW Nexum Class pack for '08!

Nexum Class - Mark Three launched successfully amid fanfares from Space Station McKinley -
on Stardate 76122. This time the design has been kept under wraps and is heavily guarded.

Starfleet's ideal to build ALL map resources from a single ship has undergone a few changes since Mark Two.
They are now armed (space being a dangerous place these days!) and also build a station for a BIG crew gain.

It still builds dilithium, metal and latinum rocks which are filled with resources.
Its primary role is to allow Starfleet top-ups when required.
Its also perfect for missions into Fluidic Space, why wait for a lone cargo ship when you can 'Build n mine'!

With weapons, a group of them can serve as back-up fighters.

Freighters also get a bonus, they'll last longer and go faster - even with latinum.

Resource Rocks:

Placing these rocks with care is vital. Once targetted, for balance, they'll go down quickly.
Support them well wherever you place them.

These can become a good honey trap especially when most resources are gone or are too heavily guarded. You use these to
divert and entice the enemy where you want them! To get a new level of strategy.
The AI will prefer these over standard grid moons/planets/latinum nebulae.
(Except for any infinite moons - should they be nearer or infinite settings chosen)

Each rock has the appearance of a purple moon (just a nice size for any tight spaces!) but they'll show on the mini-map as a station NOT a spatial resource.
They cost a fair amount but pay for themselves in no time. None of the rocks are infinite (infinite takes out the struggle)
- this balances the RTS/AI element.

You decommision them when they become empty but can build them back when needed.

A new station provides additional support. You'll get a BIG crew boost so watch those enlisted rolling in!
It also processes metal along with latinum and dilithium. You can't mine for metal with freighters until the station is built.
Because the frieghters are faster, you'll get more metal quickly than with an orbiter. You can also send the freighters
farther away because they'll be more speedy.
For balance it builds construction and freighter vessels only.

A new list of items for the cargo ships to ferry round is included as well!



Install fnexum3.odf, ffreight.odf, freight2.odf to odf/ships
SOD to SOD folder.
bitmaps to bitmaps/AdmiralsLog/ShipImages.

TradingStation.odf to odf/stations

Locate folder called Station and open:
fnext.odf to odf/stations.

SOD and bitmap as above.

1) Techtree Entries:

Locate techtree folder and open under each last Fed ship add:

fnexum3.odf 1 fbase.odf // nexum class two

Under last Fed station add:

fnext.odf 1 fresear2.odf // vandoom station

(Align entires to match each races existing entries)

Save and close and repeat for (each entry under its own race)

fnexum3.odf 0
fnext.odf 0

(Align entires to match each races existing entries)

2) Locate Sprite Folder and open gui_global; scroll to the Feds and enter under last Fed ship:

b_fnexum3 gbfconst 0 0 64 64
b_fnext gbfbase 0 0 64 64

(Align entires to match existing entries)

Now add the Wireframes: (Under last entry of each race's last ship)

fnexum3w1 fedwireframe03 0 144 48 48
fnexum3w2 fedwireframe03 48 144 48 48
fnexum3w3 fedwireframe03 96 144 48 48
fnexum3w4 fedwireframe03 144 144 48 48
fnexum3w5 fedwireframe03 192 144 48 48

fnextw1 fedwireframe05 0 48 48 48
fnextw2 fedwireframe05 48 48 48 48
fnextw3 fedwireframe05 96 48 48 48
fnextw4 fedwireframe05 144 48 48 48
fnextw5 fedwireframe05 192 48 48 48

(Align entires to match existing entries)

save and close gui_global.



odfs to odf/stations.
SODs to SOD Folder
bitmaps to bitmaps/AdmiralsLog/ShipImages

Relocate techtree folder and re-open

Add under each races last stations the following:

fdith.odf 1 fresear2.odf // dilithium rock
fmet.odf 0 fnext.odf // metal rock
flat.odf 1 fresear2.odf // latinum rock

Save and close, now re-open and after last Fed station add:

fdith.odf 0
fmet.odf 0
flat.odf 0

Save and close.

Relocate Sprite folder and after last Fed station add:

b_fdith gbbcruise1 0 0 64 64
b_fmet gbbcruise1 0 0 64 64
b_flat gbbcruise1 0 0 64 64

Wires for the rocks:

flatw1 podwireframe03 0 144 48 48

fdithw1 podwireframe03 0 144 48 48

fmetw1 podwireframe03 0 144 48 48

There you go Nexum class - Mark Three is ready for you to use.
For instant play or single player missions or if a group of you have it - you can play on-line.




Archerscott - all odf changes - I have simply altered what was in game to make the ultimate resource building machine!
Actvision - vessel SODS, textures etc and spatial objects. (Thanks for a great game!!)

Please contact me if you wish to use Nexum Class in your own MOD. Its nice to ask first.

Contact address: (Replace AT with @ to send)

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#1 Assimilation_Drone 2008-05-23 10:50
Nice, downloading. 8)

I noticed it was possible to get CSI diplomats as well as Filefront files through trading there, by the way. :P Any more special treats? Wait, I'll see for myself. :-)

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