Enterprise E Enterprise E

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Phantom, 2003-02-11

------------------------------------------Review report---------------------------------------

Bugs I found: NONE

What I thought of it: nice textures but, i seam to remember the warp

naccels being blue

Download? : if you want

description: great little texture of the nemisis sovereign

At least this one works!!!

But the installiation instructions leave a lot to be desired !


to add this ship, copy all files into the relevant files as it will overide the Armada Enterprise E so no modding is required :)

By Phantom

Thanks to Paramounts official Designs, I have made a full detailed Scimitar from Star Trek Nemesis

This file is part of the Star Trek Nemesis V2 pack and due to my decision to release singularly, you can use this in Private MODS but NOT for mods that are to be released bar the exceptions of:

Star Trek: Future Tense
Star Trek: Birth of the Federation
Star Trek: Federation Vs Romulan

They are the only authorized MODS to include ships/stations in the Nemesis Pack

The Textures and Mesh are created by me Phantom (Adam Kitchin) so DO NOT alter the texture or mesh in anyway or this will be the last time I release single ships to MODS as teasers


Unlike most modelers of today, this version is for Star Trek Armada 1 but is compatible with the stupid excuse for a sequal.

MODDING Experience not Required

Good Hunting!

Adam Kitchin


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#1 Guest 2003-02-11 16:07
I'd just like to point out that all my Meshes are created not ripped or retextured and other than the modified Shuttlebay area, this matches the Refit Sovereign Seen in Star Trek Nemesis
#2 Johnny23 2003-02-11 21:13
This is really good.
#3 Guest 2003-02-12 01:38
I was wondering, in Nemisis the Enterprise two new phasers and three new torpedo launchers, does this one have them on? If you want to see proof go to home.att.net/~enterprise1701d/1701-e/faq.html#nemesis
#4 Johnny23 2003-02-13 20:26
Is there anyway to make this available for the Sovereign class, not just the Enterprise.
#5 Adam_Kitchin 2003-02-14 16:38
Future Tense has the Non-registration Textures, I'll see what I can do about releasing them in V3

You can always use Paint to edit the texture, but u need a TGA exporter like Paintshop Pro.
#6 Guest 2003-02-23 14:15
This is wat the Enterprise-E should look like in game! Thanks alot i really wanted a good sovern texture! You rock!!!
#7 Karle94 2008-06-18 15:19
#3 The refit had 4 new phaser arrays and 5 new torpedo tubes

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