Enterprise-B Enterprise-B

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Captain Fingers, 2002-07-14

This is a model of the Enterprise-B, breifley seen in ST: Generations.

Unfortunately, only the model is included. You would have to have some knowledge of modding to use this ingame, but the model is very nicely done Smile

Excelsior lakota refit aka ENTERPRISE B- Ready for tusday project!!!

I hate making readme's so you better read this or my time is being waisted!

This is not a mod for armada 1 or 2 but does contain models for armada 1 and 2!
there is no odf file, no wireframe, no build button and no instructions on how to install this,
if this is a problem for you...deal with it!!!! and then download westworlds big book of modding!

This zip file contains the excelsior with and without a alpha channel! i personally think that it looks better without,
so i have included both!

There is a low res and a high res included, to use the low res remove the lowa or low from the file name and put in rgb as usual!

i have included a HP map and there are 10 hp! i may if a project needs reexport with more hps!

There is an armada1 model included in the no alpha zip! this was requested by a storm3d artist.

If you wish to use this model in your own mod you can! there would be little point in me making it otherwise!
give me some credit for the model if you release it public or i will send around a squad of highly trained "killermonkeys"!

All the modeling credits go to me as it took bloody ages to get it looking good ~ 6hours!
The texture was not entirely by me and based off a cgi model by Eric Peterson but i altered the lights in max alot and spent some time in psp arsing around.
she has 1336 polys, higher than i expected since without the nacelles she is 900 polys!
I passworded the files so you would have to read the readme first, if you have not read the readme but want the password go back and read through the read me because the password is what i would send around if you use my mesh and don't credit me!
If you are too stupid to find the password out or you have some sort of other problem that i can deal with(but please no relationship problems i have enough of my own) email me at:

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#1 walkman82 2004-06-13 08:23

This Ship ic a Nice Ship

Nice Job
#2 Transmission 2004-07-19 09:19
Better than the other excelsior mods! could still use some practise though! say 8/10
#3 Transmission 2004-07-20 01:10
right, great texture (best texture out of all excelsior ships) but, the model isn't that good! compared to the other ones! what needs to be done is to transfer this texture to the "Enterprise B (2.0)" model!

once that has been done! i wont have no more negative comments! either that or get this model more in a 3D perspective!

soz for the negative comment! texture is class though!

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