Corinthian Class Corinthian Class

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apoclaydon, 2008-12-05

This version of the Corinthian class by apoclaydon is nice to see. An interesting design, this experimental vessel is based on Borg technology, and has quite a few neat aspects to its design. The good news is that this mod contains everything you'd hope for-- build button, wireframe and admirals' log pic --but the overall quality of the textures isn't as good as you'd probably hope, althouh the .SOD reduction puts this one around 1500 poly. Hopefully some of these kinks will be worked out in the 2.0 version, as the original (from Bridge Commander) is truly awesome and an equally detailed port (with alpha channel) will follow.

Worth a look for all you future-Federation lovers.


Corinthian Readme

Textures: Daniel5042 - OUTALANCE SHIPYARDS
Poly Reduction: Apoclaydon 4439-1375
Texture Reduction: Apoclaydon 7-1
Build Button / Wireframe / Admrial Log: Apoclaydon

to install
for modding begginners open ODF, SPR and TT files with notepad

01) Copy the folders into the main star trek armada 2 directory
02) Open a federation yard odf
03) Insert buildItemX = "fcorinthian" (replace X with the next number)
04) Open and
05) Insert
fcorinthian.odf 3 fyard2.odf fresear3.odf fsuperbl.odf

ghologen.odf 0
gfcloak.odf 0
gfregen.odf 0

06) Open Gui_global.spr
07) Find # Federation build buttons
08) Go down to @reference=64
09) Insert b_fcorinthian fcorinthianbb 0 0 64 64
10) Find # Special weapon buttons
11) Go down to @reference=64
12) Insert:

b_gfcloak gbcloak00 0 0 64 64
b_gfregen gbregen00 0 0 64 64

13) Find
# Federation wireframes


14) Insert

fcorinthianw1 fcorinthianwf 0 0 48 48
fcorinthianw2 fcorinthianwf 48 0 48 48
fcorinthianw3 fcorinthianwf 96 0 48 48
fcorinthianw4 fcorinthianwf 144 0 48 48
fcorinthianw5 fcorinthianwf 192 0 48 48


this pack includes 3 different textures for different resolutions
-to use the high resolution (1024X1024) go into the mod extras folder and rename corinthian.tgahigh
to corinthian.tga and place into the textures->RGB folder

-to use the medium resolution (512X512 the included one) go into the mod extras folder and rename corinthian.tgamed
to corinthian.tga and place into the textures->RGB folder

-to use the low resolution (256X256) go into the mod extras folder and rename corinthian.tgalow
to corinthian.tga and place into the textures->RGB folder

Version    Author  apoclaydon  Website   
Downloads  1,010  Size  2.52 MB  Created  2008-12-05 



#1 adm_tyler 2008-12-06 06:38
Looks like a backward Klingon ship.
#2 _dEjavU_ 2008-12-07 21:48 the nacelles though on the ship in last image there, sweeeeet! :thumbsup:
#3 sabbatdark 2009-11-28 12:07
an unusual design, beautifully crafted. i give it 10/10
#4 joejmz 2011-05-21 06:58
I can't get the ship to work. The build button is there, but even after all the tech is completed it will not become active.

I've reloaded the files several times already and the farthest I got was that the button activated, the ship was built, but it would not leave the yard.

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