Copernicus Class Copernicus Class

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apoclaydon, 2008-11-25

The Copernicus class starship is a design as old as Armada modding. Originally made for A1 on ArmadaFleetCommand, by Ben Maxwell, the Copernicus class seems to be the Federation's answer to the Dominion attack ship. She's surely a lot more ugly than the standard Starfleet design, but not nearly as ugly as the "bug". She's fairly well armed and won't let you down, but is probably best used either in numbers or in a support role.

This is a collaborative effort between apoclaydon and Jetfreak, re-texturing and fixing some areas of the mesh from the original Copernicus, with new emitters, build button, wireframe, and just about everything you could ask for in a new ship. Some of you who already use this ship in-game will be happy to see the update. For those of you who don't, it's certainly an interesting concept, and well worth a look.

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Author: Apoclaydon
Original Author: Ben Maxwell
Textures: Apoclaydon
Original Textures: Jetfreak

Install Instructions

for modding begginners open ODF, SPR and TT files with notepad

01) Copy the folders into the main star trek armada 2 directory
02) Open a federation odf
03) Insert buildItemX = "fcoper" (replace X with the next number)
04) Open and
05) Insert fcoper.odf 0
06) Open emitters.spr
07) Insert @include emitter2.spr under sprite_table
08) Open Gui_global.spr
09) Find # Federation build buttons
10) Go down to @reference=64
11) Insert b_fcoper gbfcoper 0 0 64 64
12) Find
# Federation wireframes


13) Insert

fcoperw1 wffcoper 0 0 48 48
fcoperw2 wffcoper 48 0 48 48
fcoperw3 wffcoper 96 0 48 48
fcoperw4 wffcoper 144 0 48 48
fcoperw5 wffcoper 192 0 48 48

Version  1.0  Author  apoclaydon  Website   
Downloads  584  Size  2.91 MB  Created  2008-11-25 



#1 denster 2008-11-25 14:59
Wasn't this ship used in the Andromeda mod? Like it anyways...
#2 Starblade. 2008-11-25 17:22
This ship *was* used in the Andromeda mod. I think it was the conship.

#3 apoclaydon 2008-11-26 03:07
oh right I didnt realise but it would of been the old mesh and texture
#4 Prometheus9594 2010-04-26 01:44
the configuration of this ship looks similar to that of a jem hadar attack/bug ship.

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