Construction Ship with warp Construction Ship with warp

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as1, 2008-03-29

A very simple modification to the stock construction ship physics .ODF that gives them all warp capability. This is not a new .SOD or texture set or even a new base .ODF for the construction ship. It's just a modified physics file.

Nothing fancy but it never hurts to release a mod for the first time. Welcome to the A2Files community, as1.

- the Kid


Copy sconstphys.odf to the odfother folder and overwrite to enable warp

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#1 mikemckeon007 2008-03-30 01:42
its always nice to see someone contibute to the community. keep up the good work
#2 AdmarilRyan 2008-03-30 07:08
A word of advice, only upload files in zip format if you can, most people don't have winrar, and rar compression is certainly got necessary for an odf mod.
#3 as1 2008-03-30 09:01
Tahank you i forget that noet everyone users winrar


I am already making my next mod it will be an Ultimate sovereign class
#4 Wheller 2008-03-30 09:49
Seen something like this before. but a good idea. if the model for the construction ship has a Warp Nacelle on it you would think it would have Warp Drive... wouldn't you?
#5 Eluvatar 2008-04-02 16:34
cool can add it to all of my current mini mods
#6 AdmarilRyan 2008-04-03 16:52

I'd think all space ships in startrek would have war drive, they wouldn't get very far otherwise.
#7 as1 2008-04-22 10:31
I vil realease a new mod on 5 may 2008 wat this is is an suprise but the mod that follows adter thth will be a grand new specie



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