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SciFiFan, 2010-02-19

-Starfleet Headquarters 2247-

With the success of the Constitution class heavy cruiser, It is time to expand our fleet to include
the new technologies into more star ships. The first step of the program is already underway with
more Constitution Class star ships completed and under construction. We are now working on a production
of a general purpose medium cruiser. It will be light enough to act as a quick response cruiser, armed
well enough to act as a destroyer if needed, and versatile enough to transport supplies and personnel
to the front lines, study and research points of interests, and go on extended exploration missions.
It is my pleasure to introduce you to the Miranda class. It is our expectation that this versatility
will allow this ship to surpass the lifespan of star ships with more limited roles.

-End Transmission-

Thank you for downloading my Alternate Reality Miranda Class Starship. When I first saw the design, I
wanted this ship for A2. With all the controversy of the new movie I figured that the best way to get
it was to make it myself. I did not do this alone however. I used parts of Amateur's Constitution
class starship. The bridge, underside sensor housing, and nacelles are his work. The textures were
provided by Jetfreak and Thunderfoot. Not to mention Ricky "Madman" Wallace who is the original creator
of this design. I do hope you all enjoy this ship.


Design concept: Ricky "Madman" Wallace - (check him out)
Model: SciFiFan and Amatuer
Texture: Jetfreak and Thunderfoot
ODf: SciFiFan
Sod: SciFiFan



place all tga files in the "Activision > Star Trek Armada II > Textures > RGB" folder.
place sod file in the "Activision > Star Trek Armada II > SOD" folder.
place odf file in the "Activision > Star Trek Armada II > odf > ships" folder.
place the bmp file in the "Activision > Star Trek Armada II > bitmaps > AdmialsLog > ShipImages" file.

Then open Activision > Star Trek Armada II > Sprites > gui_global file.
look for: # Federation build buttons


b_arconstitution gbarconstitution 0 0 64 64

..........# Federation wireframes


armirandaw1 ARwireframe 0 0 51 51
armirandaw2 ARwireframe 51 0 51 51
armirandaw3 ARwireframe 102 0 51 51
armirandaw4 ARwireframe 153 0 51 51
armirandaw5 ARwireframe 204 0 51 51

Save gui_global then open Activision > Star Trek Armada II > techtree > fulltech.


armiranda.odf 0

Save fulltech then open Activision > Star Trek Armada II > techtree > tech1
// ***[ FEDERATION SHIPS ]************************


armiranda.odf 1 fyard.odf // AR Miranda Class

note: where "1" is make this how many odf files need to be built before this ship can be built.
where "fyard.odf" is, put which odf files are needed.
ex: armiranda.odf 3 fyard.odf, fresearch.odf, fpod1.odf // AR Miranda Class

Save tech1.

open the odf file for the station you wish to build the ship and look for:

//Construction Parameters


buildItemx = "armiranda" (x is the next successive number)

ex: (for fyard)
//Construction Parameters
buildItem0 = "fscout"
buildItem1 = "fdestroy2"
buildItem2 = "fdestroy"
buildItem3 = "fcolony"
buildItem4 = "fcruise1"
buildItem5 = "fcruise3"
buildItem6 = "fassault"
buildItem7 = "fcruise2"
buildItem8 = "armiranda"


-Legal Stuff-

This mod is not made by nor supported by Mad Doc, Activision, or any of their affiliates. Use of this
mod is at your own risk. I am not responsible for any unwanted results of installing this mod. If you
have any problems please contact me through the FileFront Forums or at MSFC. Use of this mod is restrictive.
If you wish to use this in a public mod, please feel free but be certain that all above credits are given.
Any alteration to this mod for public release is strictly prohibited unless written permission is granted.


Note: I forgot to include this in the readme that is included with this file. This ship is made with Jetfreaks ST 2009 Weapons Pack. You need to either download his file or edit the ships odf with the weapons of your choice. I you need help with this, please feel free to ask.

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#1 Adm_Zaxxon 2010-02-19 13:19
Haha, been wait'en for this'un. An excellent ship my Friend!

:thumbsup: :thumbsup:
#2 WileyCoyote 2010-02-22 19:11
I believe some of those textures were ones I have created. It would have been nice to email me (though Jetfreak & Thunderfoot released the Trek XI Connie for Armada II).

The ship ship does look nice. I would like to see what else you come up with. :-)
#3 Omega_Mod_God 2010-02-23 06:28
does this use the same tex as the constitution? I don't want to overwrite.
#4 SciFiFan 2010-02-23 18:42
I know that there are actually three different textures for the Amateurs Connie so, as to not overwrite the one you have, I renamed the texture files for the Miranda
#5 captkirk222 2010-05-31 12:24
A very good idea of what it would look like. Good job! :D

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