Jem'Hadar Attack Ship Jem'Hadar Attack Ship

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Challenger, 2004-06-18

This is a really nice Jem'Hadar Attack Ship, this time with all the files included Wink Good job on the design, definatly worth a download if you like the Jem'Hadar. And even if you hate the Jem'Hadar, download it anyway Tongue

Jem'Hadar attack ship
Armada 2 SOD
************ by Challenger **************

Polycount: 539
Texture maps: 1 (you can choose high-res 512x512 or low-res 256x256)
Light map: yes
Hardpoints: 20
hp01 - main gun port
hp02,03 - front port/starboard
hp04,05 - port/starboard nacelle junction
hp06,07,08 - port nacelle front / middle / aft
hp09,10,11 - starboard nacelle front / middle / aft
hp12 - bridge
hp13 - middle junction
hp14,15 - port wing
hp16,17 - starboard wing
hp18,19,20 - belly

Damage nodes:
Steam & Plasma (theoretically)
Lights: 2 static lights
4 strobe lights

you need basic modding to get the ship ingame.
SOD file goes into the SOD directory,
for texture, choose either low resolution or high resolution
and rename the appropiate file to jembug.tga.
(jembug.tga.low is 256x256 for low-end graphics cards,
jembug.tga.high is the 512x512 texture.)
Then move the jembug.tga to textures/RGB.

Mesh buildtime:
40 minutes.
Texture buildtime:
15 minutes Photoshop
25 minutes 3DS MAX UVW mapping.

Original design by Paramount, from Star Trek (R) Deep Space Nine.
Mesh rebuild and texture mapping by Challenger
Texture source material from the Star Trek fact files.

Easy task for me by now. The polycount is more than reasonable, so you
should be able to build masses of them even on weaker machines.
mesh accuracy should be around 90% for the top view, and 80% for side
view. Bottom view is 50% at best.

Feel free to use this ship in your mod, but a public release of the mod
can only be allowed with appropiate credits in the Readme file or documentation.

DO NOT reverse convert, alter or kitbash this model in any case. Check back
with me ( if you want to do any alterations.
In this case I may send you the source file.

No build buttons or wireframes included in this one.

Forums: - mainly in the Project90 and General modding area.

Open your mind and Free your iDeas! 3 iDeas, Mathias Rehnman's online gallery.

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#1 Gamesfunk 2004-06-18 05:35
Nice! Any further ships your making?
#2 Matt_el_G 2004-06-20 20:48
Are you SURE this is a ship this time :P ?
#3 Guest 2004-06-22 20:40
Challenger again.

I'm working on a Jem'Hadar Warship as well. Though I got little time right now due to some mod obligations for Fleet command (both Armada 2 and Haegemonia)
#4 meda 2004-10-14 05:21
u got hegemonia to is there a moding website for that i cant find 1???
#5 rocketracer94 2006-04-23 17:04
Nice ship. Like the texitures. Have a :donut:

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