Jem Hadar Warship Jem Hadar Warship

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Challenger, 2002-12-07

Fixes in this version, from the Readme:
-revised texture. used official renders as reference.
-fixed a small, nearly unnoticeable Mesh Error in the bottom area

Mod Name: Jem'Hadar warship + converted A1 Jem'Hadar shipyard
Version: 1.2A2 (A2 only)
Author: Challenger -
ICQ: 53658226

this readme
4 texture files (1 high res, 1 low res, 2 for the shipyard)
2 SOD's (Jem'Hadar warship + shipyard)

This is the Jem'Hadar warship. The common one, that was spotted during the Dominion War.
The mesh is roughly 880 polies - not too bad for that size. The texture is hand-drawn.
the bottom part of the mesh might not be 100% accurate, thus saving polies by making
this variant.
This model comes with a light map.

Additionally the Armada 1 Jem'Hadar shipyard is included. Converted to A2 format.

Mesh worktime: 1 hour
Texture worktime: 3 hours 30 minutes
Polycount: 884
Light map: yes (Alpha channel)
bump map: no
steam: yes
plasma: yes
Borg nodes/textures: no/no
Wireframe/Build button: no/no
ODF: no

-revised texture. used official renders as reference.
-fixed a small, nearly unnoticeable Mesh Error in the bottom area

Extract the zip to the Armada II folder. now, open up any race.odf file you
want (i.e. fed.odf, car.odf etc) and look for the "standardUnits" line.
there, add
standardUnitsX="zjemyard" where X is the next free number.

now open the file and add
zjemyard.odf 0
zjemwar.odf 0
anywhere you desire. save.
now it should be installed.

if you use any older graphics accelerator card, below GeForce level, i suggest
you open the Textures\Rgb directory an delete the jemwar.tga file.
then locate the jemwar.tga.low file and delete the .low extension. otherwise
your ship will be either transparent (the 512x512 texture which can't be displayed
by the older graphics card) or white (if you forgot to rename the file)

Legal notes:

Other notes:
Feel free to use this model in your own mod. But if you release this mod publically, credit me
(Challenger) for the model as well please put a link to Project STAR:MADA into your readme
( It's not much work, and will keep me happy ;)
Please do not alter this model in any way (texture and mesh wise). If you seek to alter the texture,
contact me please to discuss the matter.
Also it has come to my attention that there is a program called "Unwrap 3D" which can reverse convert
the Armada 2 SOD format, besides other formats. Please refuse to use this program on my model, it
would just bear trouble with it.
But, feel free to update this model with wireframe, build button, odf's and weapons if you feel
to. If you release this upgrade send me a short mail so I can put up this upgrade on STAR:MADA's site
too :)

The Jem'hadar yard is a different story. It is the Original Armada 1 mesh reconverted
into the Armada 2 format. All credit for the original mesh to Activision. Borgified texture
and reconversion by Challenger. Feel free to use this one as you desire. Here I don't mind -
it was just a 5 minute job of converting.

with the best regards, Challenger.

Where you can find me:
STGN - - mostly in the Modding Discussion
STAR:MADA page -
Armada universe -
SGN Online -
ICQ: 53658226

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#1 sejen 2003-11-01 15:59
Do you mean the "bog standard" "fill in the gaps" one in A1 that was used as the yards for the Ferengi and Cardasian "mini" races?

Uh!... don't bother answering I'll just download and see for my self!

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