Dominion Torpedo/Bomber Dominion Torpedo/Bomber

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STGamerNew2002, 2003-09-08

A sweet looking Dominion ship by STGamerNew2002, and a nice addition to his great Dominion Ultimate 1.1 mod! If you have his mod than get this NOW.

The Dominion's latest Jem'Hadar creation of their ships: The Jem'Hadar Torpedo/'Bomber' class. It can fire very fast
torpedoes at more than one target(maximum up to 5 targets at once). This class ship is larger in scale than
the wormhole cruiser and much larger than the regular 'destroyer' class, making it a a VERY destructive
ship to be added for the Dominion(picture shows the scale of all three types of ships).

Jem'Hadar Torpedo/'Bomber' class ship installation:

1.Copy any .SOD files into the SOD directory.

2.Copy any .tga files into the Textures\RGB directory.

3.Copy sprite.spr(*) & weapon.spr(*) files into the sprites directory.

4.Copy dcruise4.odf file into the odf\ships directory.

5.Copy dmtorp1 & dmtorp2.odf files into the odf\weapons\photons directory.

6.Copy any .bmp into bitmaps\AdmiralsLog\ShipImages directory.

7.Copy ed-comb.odf file into odf\other directory.

EDITING the files:

1.Open your file and add this to the 'Dominion Ships' list:

dcruise4.odf 2 dyard2.odf dupgrade.odf // cruiser4 (bomber)

2.Open your file and add this to Dominion section list:

dcruise4.odf 0

3.Open your file and add this to the 'Dominion Ships' list:

dcruise4.odf 2 dyard2.odf dupgrade.odf // cruiser4 (bomber)


The people who helped me make this mod are the same from the 'Dominion Ultimate 1.1',
so I'll save the space here to list them, but APPRECIATE their help fully!
If you really want to know who are they, just look at the README/Install
text from the previous Dominion mod to get their names/credits. :-)

'*' - If you DON'T want your own personal files to be altered in anyway,
I STRONGELY suggest you BACK-UP your files BEFORE installing the mod!
I will not be HELD responsible for ANY UNEXAMPLAINED CRASHES/PROBLEMS to your computer,
so take your OWN RISK here! If you have good EDITING skills, then I suggest to COPY the
files here in a seperate folder and do your own editing as you please.
If you need any kind of info of my mod, please email me at:
and I'll do my BEST to help out. Again thanks for using my mod and credit me/anyone
when using the mods. "Victory is Life!"

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