Voth City Ship Voth City Ship

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Ted H, 2002-11-07

well heres my nice little voth ship Biggrin



Here is the voth city ship

the ship is about the same powerwise as the sovy, just minus the reflector, and plus a phaser....

MR.C [CHRIS] asked me to make this, and now that i have, im releasing it :P

Chris supplied the pictures, and i modeled from there, i believe the model is completely cannon to the pictures,
however i dont remember this ship exactly....

so enjoy it :D

ted h

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#1 thedoctor 2002-11-08 00:20
The Voth City ship should be stronger than a Borg Cube. You could also equip it with the Borg Diamond's Computer Override and some form of Transwarp.
#2 Guest 2002-11-08 07:26
yes the city ship is as big as a moon masive it used a wepion comp overide do take over voyger it is very big power full and not to be messed with voth are desendents of the earth dinosors they left earth befor the metoriet hit earth the travled thousands of light years to the other side of the galixy there they evolved into what u see in voy eps well thats the little story on it ok?
#3 voyager009 2002-11-08 12:54
i remember that episode now :P

i just forgot the name of them ;-)

well ill release a sod patch with the size reconfigured, if ur lucky, ill release the new odf too
#4 Guest 2002-11-08 15:00
Good i hope to see this 009 voth well rule :devil: muhahaaha
#5 voyager009 2002-11-08 19:22
wow i hate people who give 1s for everything

last time they said it was becuase they hate having all these fed ships.... now wat?? to many voth ships for you?
#6 Commador_Calin_Engel 2002-11-10 18:16
Nice Ship. Personally I'm glad someone made a model for it, as it adds a new type of character to the whole game, which A2 is in desperate need of.
#7 weldon 2002-11-26 13:51
:-) Have you ever thought of making a mods/ conversion for Vulans ?

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