Crushed Paper Crushed Paper

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Weldon, 2007-06-17

Well... occasionally, we get a file that is different from every other. We've seen Donuts, Pokémon, Cars, but nothing quite as basic as this. In short... if you get a random piece of paper, and screw it up, that is exactly what this appears to be. A new Borg probe perhaps?

There was / is a screenshot included, but not in .JPG format, and considering the amount of times it has clearly been stated that we only upload .JPG images, I am not going to waste my time converting it, when it shouldn't have taken the author a few seconds. Smile

Download if you wish it.

- Ash

This is a Crushed paper Ship
The texture was actually a potd by :Gilles Nuytens from
via eric peterson mesh of
All right of Star Trek and thier games to PAramount and Activision and thier affilates.

Made by : Weldon aka SWeldon

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