New Galor Hardpoint New Galor Hardpoint

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Chris Edmund, 2005-06-26

This Modifies the Galor Class to carry many more weapons and also increases scale by .5 download is your wish desires.

--------------------------------Galor Class MK3-----------------------------

Mod Information:

This mod makes the Galor Class cardassian battle ships into a
Galor Class MK3 (Mark 3) as seen in TNG epasoide : "Ensign Ro"
The Mark 3 is the "top of the line" the best type and this hardpoint
reflects that,
To build this ship you need:

Officers: 6

Crew: 700

Dilithium crystles: 800

Metal : 1000


The Up side:

Maxamum shield strength: 3000

Shield recharge rate: 10.0

Spechal energy: 100

10 phaser banks

1 plasma banks

Model scale increased by: .5



Put the file labled ODF into the main directy of Armarda 2
override when asked if you want to or not


Author: Chris Edmund

Thanks: To you for downloading this mod
and to A2FILES for hosting this

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