Cardassian Colony Ship Cardassian Colony Ship

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dan1025, 2008-12-27

Probably the single most controversial aspect of Armada is the planetary colony. Essentially another means of generating crew as a resource, the colony requires a ship in order to make it happen-- whether by assimilating the planet or by landing some people on it and letting them embark upon the establishment of cities and structures and so forth. What's never been exactly clear is why the Federation or Romulans would see fit to do this by sending apparently active-duty servicemen or civilians smack into the centre of a war zone in order to establish said colonies. Perhaps more stupid than this, they also commit them to land on a planet via a ship.... and then provide no apparent means of defense for these ships beyond a defensive shield! And this is standard practice even for Klingons and the Borg!

Baffling as their inclusion into the game might seem, Dan1025 refused to stop at the simple re-make of all the stock combat vessels, even the recently released Dreadnought class. What we have here is a beautiful re-dress of the Cardassian colony vessel. While not much can be said for its abilities in-game (hey, look, it lands on planets just like the old one), the poly count is nice and low, and the textures are quality. Of course, this'll replace the stock colony ship, but it comes with a new buildbutton, wireframe, and Admirals Log pic, so it's got that going for it.... which is nice.

Hey, Cardassian civilians --don't leave home without it.


Continuing my line of replacement Cardassian ships I present the new Colony Ship, made by kitbashing Zorgs Galor Class. The model has 4 textures and a poly count of 563.

This will act as a replacement for your Colony Ship (ccolony).

Included in this mod are:

SOD file
Ship textures
Borg textures
Ship ODF
AdmiralsLog picture


Installation Instructions:

1. Place "ccolony.sod" into the Activision/Star Trek Armada II/SOD folder.
2. Place all files found in the RGB folder into the Activision/Star Trek Armada II/Textures/RGB folder.
3. Place "ccolony.odf" into the Activision/Star Trek Armada II/odf/ships folder.
4. Place the "ccolony.bmp" file found in the ShipImages folder into the Activision/Star Trek Armada II/bitmaps/AdmiralsLog/ShipImages folder.

(Ensuring you click "Yes" when the computer asks if you'd like to replace the older files).

5. Find the file named "gui_global.spr" found in the Activision/Star Trek Armada II/Sprites folder and open it (use notepad).

Search for where it says:

"Cardassian Wireframes"

and delete the entry for ccolony

now find where it says:


(if "@reference=64" isn't in your Cardassian Wireframes section you'll need to add it at the end of the section).

and add:

ccolonyw1 WFccolony 0 0 64 64
ccolonyw2 WFccolony 0 0 64 64
ccolonyw3 WFccolony 0 0 64 64
ccolonyw4 WFccolony 0 0 64 64
ccolonyw5 WFccolony 0 0 64 64

Save and close the file.


Credits & Thanks:

Full Credit for the original model used (Galor Class), and textures goes to Zorg.
Credit for the orginal borg texture I used goes to "Scorpians" altered SFC stock sphere mod

A big thanks to Activision for releasing this game and giving us all something fun to mod and improve upon.

If you have any issues/questions or if you would like to use this mod for something you plan to release, please email me at:

Hope you enjoy the mod! :)

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#1 HighGuardKnight 2008-12-27 22:52
excellent work Danno :thumbsup:
#2 CanadianBorg 2008-12-28 08:48
An excellent piece of work right here, and some awesome fodder for the Borg. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE.


P.S. Resistance is futile, eh?
#3 ameba 2008-12-29 00:41
dan, a nice model, but this is one of the cases where I prefere the gallus - the complete new design by achilles. the stock cardi colony ship could be just anything.

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