Cardassian Cargo Ship Cardassian Cargo Ship

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dan1025, 2009-01-13

Dan1025 gets one of the last remaining Cardassian designs he hasn't yet redone. The cargo ship has been seen in different spots in the canon and it looks as good as it's going to get. You can't ask for much in a cargo ship, obviously, but this mod's fully inclusive and you'll obviously want it to complete the Cardie scene that Dan's been working on for so long now.


Continuing my line of replacement Cardassian ships I present the new Cargo Ship, made by converting Zorgs Cardassian Cargo Ship. The model has 2 textures and a poly count of 768.

This will act as a replacement for your Cargo Ship (ccargo).

Included in this mod are:

SOD file
Ship textures
Borg textures
Ship ODF
AdmiralsLog picture


Installation Instructions:

1. Place "ccargo.sod" into the Activision/Star Trek Armada II/SOD folder.
2. Place all files found in the RGB folder into the Activision/Star Trek Armada II/Textures/RGB folder.
3. Place "ccargo.odf" into the Activision/Star Trek Armada II/odf/ships folder.
4. Place the "ccargo.bmp" file found in the ShipImages folder into the Activision/Star Trek Armada II/bitmaps/AdmiralsLog/ShipImages folder.

(Ensuring you click "Yes" when the computer asks if you'd like to replace the older files).

5. Find the file named "gui_global.spr" found in the Activision/Star Trek Armada II/Sprites folder and open it (use notepad).

Search for where it says:

"Cardassian Wireframes"

and delete the entry for ccargo

now find where it says:


(if "@reference=64" isn't in your Cardassian Wireframes section you'll need to add it at the end of the section).

and add:

ccargow1 WFccargo 0 0 64 64
ccargow2 WFccargo 0 0 64 64
ccargow3 WFccargo 0 0 64 64
ccargow4 WFccargo 0 0 64 64
ccargow5 WFccargo 0 0 64 64

Save and close the file.


Credits & Thanks:

Full Credit for the original model used (Cargo Ship), and textures goes to Zorg.
Credit for the orginal borg texture I used goes to "Scorpians" altered SFC stock sphere mod

A big thanks to Activision for releasing this game and giving us all something fun to mod and improve upon.

If you have any issues/questions or if you would like to use this mod for something you plan to release, please email me at:

Hope you enjoy the mod! :)

Version  1.0  Author  dan1025  Website   
Downloads  840  Size  1.92 MB  Created  2009-01-13 



#1 HighGuardKnight 2009-01-13 16:11
Good stuff Dan, keep em coming :thumbsup:
#2 Firewarrior1705 2009-01-14 00:48
Are you going to make a Hutet as well? The one on the site based upon Zorg's design has the torpedo hardpoints all screwed up. I'm hoping that you'll put them accurately, 6 front and 6 aft(3 on the right and 3 on the left) like we see in the DS9 Dpminion wars opening movie
#3 ameba 2009-01-14 01:56
at the end of the day I hope we get an all-in-one cardi redo as well (or I make a personal one by myself). all those small mods on my harddrive make me crazy.
#4 dan1025 2009-01-14 07:58
Thanks for the comments guys :-)

Firewarrior - Yes I will be doing the Hutet :-)

Ameba - I did ask when I started doing this whether people wanted a pack/all-in-one mod or each unit one by one, and 99% of people went for the one by one option.
#5 Firewarrior1705 2009-01-15 00:29
any chance of seeing a veracidor as well? :D
#6 Husnock 2009-01-15 13:05

Not to ask too much of you (and it's fine if the answer is "no&quot ;-) , but any chance of a Norin and Tonga to complete the DW set? :-)
#7 dan1025 2009-01-15 14:55
#5 - Yes the Veracidor will be done :-)

#6 - I will be doing the Tonga, however the shape of the Norin will make it very difficult to kitbash together, but I may give it a go :-)

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