Cardassian Argrai Class Cardassian Argrai Class

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Wrath of Achilles, 2004-10-10

When will Achilles stop? Hopefully, not anytime soon. This is a very intresting Cardassian ship design, the Argai class. It fills the role of the ship between cruiser and batleship weapons, and can be built from the advanced shipyard.

Cardassian Argrai Class Warship Ship by Wrath of Achilles

This ship was originally designed by Straxus aka. Yoda of Borg, remade by
me as a request, eventually I'll be remaking his second design but for
now here it is. It's slightly heavy than the other destroyers but costs
are adjusted to match, it's buildable from the second yard as a new unit.


Move all folders (Textures, odf, SOD) to your Star trek armada 2 directory

Open gui_global.SPR and scroll down to the cardassian build buttons.
add this line over the old ccolony button reference.

b_cdestroy3 gbcdestroy3 0 0 64 64

Open tech1.TT and add this line over the existing ccolony listing
(for neatness sake you can place with other Cardassian listings)

cdestroy3.odf 1 cyard.odf

Open cyard2.odf and scroll down to the build list and add this after buildItem7

buildItem9 = "cdestroy3"

Additional Information**

The sod and textures will work in armada 1, file order will have to be changed
for the odfs and they will need editing quite a lot, Email me for help on this
if needed.

Feel free to edit the textures/model/odfs in any way so long as credit is given.

Sorry but no Wireframe or Log pic for this.

Legal Stuff**

The material submitted with this readme is in no way connected to, or affiliated
with Activision, its employees, representatives, consortiums, or other bodies
directly or indirectly associated with the afore mentioned company. Therefore
if the files contained in this mod cause damage to your system in any way then
Activision cannot be held responsible or liable.



Straxus aka. Yoda of Borg for the vessel design.


Thanks, achilles


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Downloads  1,421  Size  1.08 MB  Created  2004-10-10 



#1 Achilles 2004-10-10 10:46
Actually it's a heavier Destroyer built from the first yard ;-) Oh and thankyou for getting them up so fast, took you the best part of 5 minutes :-)
#2 Lt_Commander 2004-10-10 11:13
I think you waited until you saw that I was starting to update the site, and then you submitted it! I have proof! The files came in only after I was almost done, and...<Lt_Commander gets hit by a tranquilizer dart and passes out>

<FilesNetwork announcer> Please excuse Mr. Commander as he has not taken his meds today. Thank you. In the mean time have a donut. :donut:
#3 Achilles 2004-10-10 12:37
lol, well I didn't wait really, I just got everything ready then got the email address from the site, I noticed you'd added a few files then ;-) bloody good woork that man.
#4 Twitch1 2004-10-11 02:55
the shape a lot. :thumbsup:
#5 Twitch1 2004-10-11 09:48
Achilles was checking out the new ship in mapedit and got a crash. Extra space in HPs here:

hullTargetHardpoints = "hp19" "hp20" "hp21" "hp22" "hp23" "hp24" between 21 and 22. Easy fix- no worries.Drink
#6 Achilles 2004-10-11 10:47
thanks for the headsup, I'll get a replacement zip into Lt Commander soon ;-)

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