Cardassian Advanced Contructor Cardassian Advanced Contructor

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Wrath of Achilles, 2004-08-22

This is a wonderful Cardassian ship. It works as an advanced construction ship with weapons and warp drive, but the real jewel of this is the model. It looks like a mini-construction yard, and really looks Cardassian. The textures are perfect, because they have the look of the stock ships, but they are very well made. This ship made by Achilles is well worth a download. It is rare when I give a mod a perfect 10, but deserves it.

Cardassian Advanced Contructor by Wrath of Achilles

This is an additionally buildable contructer that is armed and
warp capable. It's armed with two light phasers, two forward firing
plasma torpedo and two rear firing plasma torpedos.


Move all folders (Textures, odf, SOD) to your Star trek armada 2 directory

Open gui_global.SPR and scroll down to the cardassian build buttons.
add this line

b_cconst2 gbcconst2 0 0 64 64

Open tech1.TT and add this line anywhere (for neatness sake you can place with
other Cardassian listings)

cconst2.odf 1 cbase.odf

Open cbase.odf and scroll down to the build list then add this line at the bottom.

buildItem4 = "cconst2"

(number 4 is the next number in sequence in the unedited cbase.odf)

Additional Information**

The sod and textures will work in armada 1, file order will have to be changed
for the odfs and they will need editing quite a lot, Email me for help on this
if needed.

Feel free to use this in any mod so long as credit is given.

Feel free to edit the textures/model/odfs in any way so long as credit is given.

Legal Stuff**

The material submitted with this readme is in no way connected to, or affiliated
with Activision, its employees, representatives, consortiums, or other bodies
directly or indirectly associated with the afore mentioned company. Therefore
if the files contained in this mod cause damage to your system in any way then
Activision cannot be held responsible or liable.



Thanks, achilles

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#11 Achilles 2004-08-23 03:48
Phantom just handed me some very nice designs for a romulan constructor and freighter, however I think they wont be available for use until after FT's release for A1. Next up after those is a massive cardassian Colony ship as requested by Major A Payne ;-)
#12 Captain_Steve 2004-08-23 06:07
cool. i'm looking for warships too--are they on the to do list? can't wait.
#13 Achilles 2004-08-23 06:54
well eventually. ST Gamer has just reminded me of a high poly romulan warship I did and should do lower poly, but in the mean time I was gonna do the few I have requested and then see what comes up, if anyone has any good designs I'm always glad to see them. I dont make fed stuff FYI.
#14 thomasjbryant13 2005-06-07 22:51
i love this ship... and it's the only one i allow in my game w/o a wireframe. i hate not having wireframes... any chance for a solution?
#15 Shadow51689 2006-05-14 23:16
Excellent ship, although it is kind of high poly for a construction ship.

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