Bakrus Class Bakrus Class

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Kleotol, 2003-02-13

A nice Cardasian battle ship!
A conversion from a1 to a2 from kleotol's original

Bakrus Class

cbakrus.SOD into \sod -folder
cbakrus.odf into \odf\ships -folder
all tgas into textures\rgb -folder

this file contains a buildbutton, some weapon-buttons and one wireframe as you need to edit
your of your \sprites -folder

search for the federation-buildbutton section and ad the followin line:
b_cbakrus gbbakrus 0 0 64 64

now search for:

# Wireframes
# ----------


# Ship Wireframes

and add following lines:

cbakrusw1 cwbakrus 40 0 40 40
cbakrusw2 cwbakrus 0 40 40 40
cbakrusw3 cwbakrus 40 40 40 40
cbakrusw4 cwbakrus 80 0 40 40
cbakrusw5 cwbakrus 0 0 40 40

no you have to open the from your \techtree - folder
and add these lines:

cbakrus.odf 2 cyard2.odf cupgrade.odf

now open cyard2.odf from \odf\stations -folder
and search for builditem-section
now add the following under the last entry
builditemXX = "cbakrus"

(replace XX with a build-slot..that means if the last entry says buildbutton6 = "something" replace XX with 7 )


Original Design by Rutger Warnick
Mesh by Kleotol
texture by Kleotol
Armada conversion by APCMmkII

Cardasian Bakrus Class Frigate

Original design by Rob Caves
* Credit where credits due. *

Mesh and Textures by: Kleovoulos Toltsoglou aka kleotol aka X-man
Web Page:
Created using: Max r4.2

Conditions of use
* You may not RE-distribute this mesh without express permission from the author. As with any free mesh on the web, you CANNOT use them for commercial purposes.
* You should not publish them in any way without crediting the author. I have put allot of work in modeling/texturing this mesh for you, and this is the only thing I ask in return.
* Commercial use of this mesh (selling it, placing it on a CD for sale, using it in any form of advertising etc.) is strictly prohibited.
* Permissions for conversion of the meshes to game formats will be granted assuming I will be notified BEFORE any releases! Not after! Also, I hold the right to intervene and even stop a release if the outcome of the conversion is not up to the generally established quality standards. Further more, when you release the converted model in your project you agree to include this document along with your project's documentation as well as credits to the creator(s) in your project's documentation.

The archive file should contain the following:
* This read me text
* One mesh with a polycount of 1506
* One mesh with a polycount of 3388
* Four renders of the model in JPG format
* Four textures in JPG format (two regular textures and two bump maps)
* Two textures in TGA format (32bit with light map in the alpha channel)
If something of the above is missing please make sure you downloaded the file from the above-mentioned Web Page. In any case, please let me know of what is missing as well as the location from which you downloaded the archive.

Simply unzip the files in a directory of your choice and load the meshes in Max�
Note specifically for game-conversions: The diffuse map of the model is a "mix" map using the TGAs and a noise map. This cannot be imported to a game as is. Thus, I include separated version of the basic textures WITH the noise map added in Photoshop in JPG format.
Notice about low mem systems: The lighting of the scene is consisted of two omni lights set to cast ray-traced shadows. Omni lights and ray-traced shadows is a memory eater combo� You might want to switch them to shadow-mapped�

I guess that's it
Thank you for downloading this model
Have Fun


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#1 Captain_Reisen 2003-03-03 11:13
This is an awesome ship with incredible detail but...why does it look like it's flying backwards? Most Cardassian vessels fly in with their swallowtails pointing aft but the Bakrus doesn't. I looked at the SOD and the Cardassian emblem are also pointing this way. Was this done on purpose or is it an unhappy accident?
#2 FRIED_DOOD 2003-08-29 12:46
has this one appeared in the show? i know i have seen it in the sacrifice of angles mod for homeworld.
#3 Doom369 2005-08-15 15:15
this is a bad a** lookin ship and yes excellent detail and this has light maping AKA Alpha texture. need more ships like this for the cardasians

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