Colonial Viper Mk VII Colonial Viper Mk VII

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mikemckeon007, 2009-03-03

You've seen it, and wanted it, in the Bridge Commander BSG pack. Now mikemckeon007 gives us a ported version for Armada II of the Mk VII Colonial Viper, stalwart defender and dependable guardian of the Fleet.

While the poly count may be a little high for a fighter, at least for some of you, there couldn't be a more worthwhile download for you BSG fans. We've wanted this one around here for quite some time.

Download this one today!


all credits are in the readme file all i did was convert it to armada WITH PERMISSION OF COURSE

put the odf's,textures and sod's into the corresponding folder

open your gui_global folder and put the following lines into it

b_vipermk7 gbvipermk7 0 0 64 64

scroll down to the wireframes and insert the following

vipermk7w1 wfvipermk7 320 0 160 160
vipermk7w2 wfvipermk7 0 160 160 160
vipermk7w3 wfvipermk7 160 160 160 160
vipermk7w4 wfvipermk7 160 0 160 160
vipermk7w5 wfvipermk7 0 0 160 160

put the following into your tech1 and fulltech files

vipermk7.odf 0

and add this to whatever shipyard you want to build it from

buildItemxx = "vipermk7"

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#1 thunderfoot007 2009-03-04 19:10
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
#2 mikemckeon007 2009-03-04 20:02
thunderfoot i have more if you want
#3 Pro_X 2009-03-08 11:34
you have more bsg ships?

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