Colonial Viper Mk II Colonial Viper Mk II

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mikemckeon007, 2009-03-03

At long last, Armada II (and A2Files) gets some Battlestar Galactica content.

This is the Mk II Viper. It's a nice model with a reduced poly from the Bridge Commander model pack where it originated. And it's a fine looking fighter. It's clearly not Starbuck's pristine bird of the Season Four variety, not to give too much away.....

Note that the poly count on this and the other BSG fighters might be a little bit high for some users. And sadly they don't handle quite like they do on TV. Not like that's going to keep you from downloading these, right?


all credits are in the readme file all i did was convert it to armada WITH PERMISSION OF COURSE

put the odf's,textures and sod's into the corresponding folder

open your gui_global folder and put the following lines into it

b_vipermk2 gbvipermk2 0 0 64 64

scroll down to the wireframes and insert the following

vipermk2w1 wfvipermk2 320 0 160 160
vipermk2w2 wfvipermk2 0 160 160 160
vipermk2w3 wfvipermk2 160 160 160 160
vipermk2w4 wfvipermk2 160 0 160 160
vipermk2w5 wfvipermk2 0 0 160 160

put the following into your tech1 and fulltech files

vipermk2.odf 0

and add this to whatever shipyard you want to build it from

buildItemxx = "vipermk2"

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#1 thunderfoot007 2009-03-04 19:10
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
#2 sabbatdark 2009-05-06 15:24
For some reason, it won't work with the physics and weapon files. when i change the odf file so it includes stock weapons and the scout physics file instead it's ok, but i want the full viper experience. Anyone know how to fix this?

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