Colonial Cargo Shuttle Colonial Cargo Shuttle

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mikemckeon007, 2009-03-16

Back in the original series they had one cargo shuttle for everything. It was butt ugly. So when the Raptor made its debut, as a sort of combination cargo / troop transport, it looked awesome and it fulfilled a necessary role. Later on when the Assault Raptor (with the missile packs) showed up, it was a logical extension of the awesomeness. But still.... something was needed that was big enough to suit the needs fulfilled by the truly monstrous capacity of the old Colonial cargo shuttle. Sure enough, it looks a lot like the old version but with vastly more streamlining and a better paint scheme. These cargo shuttles made important appearances in several episodes, and their presence has not gone without notice in the BSG modding community. And here mikemckeon007 gives us one such design, scripted to function as a cargo ship making runs to his earlier Cloud Nine mod release. It's all coming together.

Can a Raptor pack be far behind? I sure hope not! This is some awesome stuff. Get it now!


all credits are in the readme file all i did was convert it to armada WITH PERMISSION OF COURSE

put the odf's,textures,baitmaps and sod's into the corresponding folder

after you have done that go to the sprites folder.
open your gui_global file and put the following lines into it

b_colshuttle gbcolcargo 0 0 64 64

scroll down to the wireframes and insert the following

colshuttlew1 wfcolshut 320 0 160 160
colshuttlew2 wfcolshut 0 160 160 160
colshuttlew3 wfcolshut 160 160 160 160
colshuttlew4 wfcolshut 160 0 160 160
colshuttlew5 wfcolshut 0 0 160 160

after you have done that go to the techtree folder.
put the following into your tech1 and fulltech files

colshuttle.odf 0

and add this to whatever shipyard you want to build it from

buildItemxx = "colshuttle"


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