Colonial Blackbird stealth fighter Colonial Blackbird stealth fighter

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mikemckeon007, 2009-03-03

Freshly converted from the Bridge Commander BSG pack, with permission, mikemckeon007 gives us the Colonial Blackbird, as seen in the "Resurrection Ship" story arc on the re-imagined series.

This model looks great and it's fantastic to see some A2 content in the Battlestar Galactica department.

Download this one right now.


all credits are in the readme file all i did was convert it to armada WITH PERMISSION OF COURSE

put the odf's,textures and sod's into the corresponding folder

open your gui_global folder and put the following lines into it

b_blackbird gbblackbird 0 0 64 64

scroll down to the wireframes and insert the following

blackbirdw1 wfblackbird 320 0 160 160
blackbirdw2 wfblackbird 0 160 160 160
blackbirdw3 wfblackbird 160 160 160 160
blackbirdw4 wfblackbird 160 0 160 160
blackbirdw5 wfblackbird 0 0 160 160

put the following into your tech1 and fulltech files

blackbird.odf 0

and add this to whatever shipyard you want to build it from

buildItemxx = "blackbird"

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