Bajoran Ship Pack Bajoran Ship Pack

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mishkaco, 2008-04-29

This is a set of 3 Bajoran ships seen throughout DS9. They include the Impulse Fighter, Assault Vessel, and a Freighter. These ships are converts from SFC3 or BC. I thought it was time to give the Bajorans something in A2, to strike back at those arrogant Spoonheads with.

Bajoran Ship Pack ReadMe

I noticed after over six years of Armada II, ships there are still no Bajoran vessels available. I asked to ahve these ships converted for my own personal mod, but felt to share them with teh community might be appreciated. -=WiCKeD=-HARKER converted the models over from SFC3/BC for me, and as usual, i am greatful for his work.
I put together ODFs and physics files for the ships.

What We Have:
This pack contains three Bajoran starships

1. Bajoran Impulse Fighter - the small fighter seen in the first and second seasons of DS9. It has no warp, weak shielding, and 1 cannon. Its basically a small, craft for annoying larger capital ships. its a insect in otherwords, with a crew of two: pilot and engineer.
2. Bajoran Assault Vessel - this is Bajor's largest viewed military asset, seen throughout DS9. Its similar in size to the Maquis Raider, but with five forward mounted cannons, instead of only two.
3. Bajoran Freighter - A common freighter and personal transport used by the Cardassians and Bajorans. Also, a variant was used by the Packleds. This craft could be seen in season four of DS9. Its just a standard freighter, but distinctive Instain design.

I have included: SODs, Textures, ODFs for the ships and for the physics, and bitmaps for Admiral's Log.
Put SODs in *SOD
Put TGAs in *TexturesRGB
Put ship ODFs in *ODFShips
Put physics files in *ODFOther
Put bitmaps in *bitmapsAdmiralLogShipImages

I am jsut releasing this, because no one else has. I hope peopel enjoy these ships. Why not? Have fun killing Spoonheads with them!
please e-mail me with any questions or comments:
The original SFC file did not have a readme. To whoever made it. Thanks and don't worry, i am not making any money off of your work =)


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#1 Grodie 2008-04-29 07:30
Do you have any screen shots at all?
#2 Starblade. 2008-04-29 19:00
I took the considerable liberty of making up screenshots for mishkaco's work here so people can see it. Unfortunately, it appears the Bajoran scout ship is a blank .SOD file.

Please remember to send screen shots with your mods in future, mishkaco.

#3 mishkaco 2008-04-30 11:30
Sorry for no screenshots. There was no one here who could take them for me. I have posted before on the forums that I am blind, so you really do not want me taking screen shots for this site. Lord only knows what would show up haha.

As for the impulse fighter it should work? It does on my system according to my friends. If you are in Storm3D try zooming out a bit? That should display it, my friend says.

If that does not work still, I will send in an update.

Thanks much for adding a screenshot for me. Sorry for the trouble.

#4 adm_tyler 2008-06-22 07:40
I have put HP's on the Bajoran Scoutship.

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