HMS Tempast (Tempast Class) HMS Tempast (Tempast Class)

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ColdDarkParanoia, 2006-02-23

Well, the HMS at first intrigued me, I believed I was going to be finding a maritime ship that would be suitable for the Naval:Armada mini-mod, but I've been impressed with this design the more I've looked at it, so kudo's to CDP for it's design, which from the look of it I think it was based off the many variations in "Starship Creator", a neat little "game" (if you can call it that, really).

The design takes elements from the Galaxy, New Orleans and Nebula classes and merges them into a neat little package. The saucer might seem perculiar to you AT FIRST, but keep on looking, it does grow on you. Perhaps the textures could do with either being re-mapped or compeltely re-made (pending learning the skill, from the look's of the readme) but either way, they settle well for me.

Remember, this is NOT in SOD format however, there's a perfectly good design and with the right means, it can go a long way. Good job.

The HMS Tempast

Note: this moddle is in ms3d format and needs to be converted to sod format, as this is the case i have not included odf's or install instructions,
i have included the stock textures, and am working on converting this to sod format, (using milkshape) any help is welcome.
i can be contacted at

feel free to use this file in any mods you want to just give me the credit,
i can be reached at tho this isn't nessersery if you want to use the file.

this file is my own work not activision, they can't be held resonsible for it ect.. you know the rest so i wont bore you with it.

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#1 AdmarilRyan 2006-02-23 13:58
good points:

Design overall or at least the concept

points for improvement:

As you used the galaxy texture for the saucer the mapping came out a mixture of stretched and bent out of shape in places so a new texture is must.

As for the the model it is a low on the poly and detail side of things so that can be looked at.

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