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Anonymous, 2011-01-03

UNSC Carrier, UNSC Heavy Cruiser, UNSC heavy Destroyer, UNSC cruiser, UNSC Cruiser refit,Cov assault carrier, Cov Cruiser, Cov Destroyer

8 meshes
hp assigned
Need textures


Here are some Halo meshes that I drew. These need to have texture added, but I allready have HP assigned. I have a ship pack I might release soon that has everything included to make these work, but as Majorpayne pointed out my texture skills should be better so it might take some more time for me to complete better
textures before upload. Maybe some one can make some excellent textures.

These are for everyone to use/change/edit/etc
Just give credit where it is due



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#1 MajorAPayne 2011-01-03 14:30
Actually what I said was that the texture applying needs to be redone. You'll probably find that any textures you do use will already have the needed detailing. Trust me when I say it can take months and even years to get texturing down to an art, but try to keep at it if you can.
#2 wildeyeddevil 2011-01-03 17:23
I understand what you were saying just the first message was kinda harsh and it was not constructive criticism, I too would like the ships to be better than they are, i can fix it, as soon as I can build a new pc and keep MS3d 1.62 on it.

I had trouble with the texture coordinator so I screwed up and put 1.8.4 on it and it expired in 30 days, I have tried to use bender 3d but it does not have the sod exporter and I have yet to find it. When I solve my ms3d problem I can add a new SOD and textures so right now a lot of the ships I have are basically incomplete. Unless someone was or will to help or complete the tweaking. Until I complete my new pc

My Halo stuff does have textures but I am still waiting on permission via email to use another members textures.
#3 MajorAPayne 2011-01-04 09:55
When you post models, textures or ready converted ships, stations and other assets you have to be willing to take the good comments with the bad comments. I said what I said because having the experience of making the bad and good models I know what its like to try to recreate something and actually I made relative points to what you produced. Also there was constructive criticism in what I said, and I did warn you that it would sound mean. If you can take those sorts of criticisms then your more likely to continue to work and get much better. I've been modelling for around 10 years now and I'm no where near as good as I would like to be. Just remember that you will find your own methods for modelling but try to stick to one utility as each is usually completely different with screen layout.

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