Daqtagh Class Fighter Daqtagh Class Fighter

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Captain Rich, 2009-03-10

This Klingon fighter is a mesh with textures, and can NOT be used in-game without some serious work. It's a curious matter as to why this mod is being released in this state rather than with hardpoints and as a proper game-ready mod. The author claims it took relatively little time to make, less than an hour.... how long does it take to put a few hardpoints on and release it properly? Or to include a proper screenshot? (To be fair, on that last point: the author claims he put one together but it wasn't quite right. But still, I think I've made my point.)

Still, if you think you can do something with this one.... go for it.


Daqtagh Class Fighter (MESH AND TEXTURES ONLY)

I was looking around A2 Files and could not find many fighters so here is a mesh with textures for a Klingon fighter. The textures arnt very good compared with other Klingon ships avalible on A2 Files but the the best I can do.

This is NOT playable yet. You need to hardpoint it and make the files needed to make it work in A1 or 2.

The Daqtagh Class is armed with 3 powerful pulse cannons. It can cloak but has no warp.

You can do as you like with this so long as I get credit for design, original model and original textures. You will need a program that can open MS3D files to edit the model. The model took about 20-25 mins to make and the textures about 15 mins. Included is:

-7 x .TGA texture files
-1 x MS3D model file (1502 Polys)

model - captain rich
design - captain rich
textures - captain rich

many thanks

captain rich

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#1 pepperman 2009-03-10 17:52
The aid you in your future modelling efforts I would recommend that you look at some of the tutorials that are available. For example, Achilles' texture tutorial would be a worthwhile read. Also, try to use as fewer texture files...seven plain texture files was a bit much and unnecessary for a fighter. Also, as you desgn and build your models try to look at other Klingon designs to draw paralells to your work. The fighter that you present here doesn't look too Klingon to me.

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