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Generic.png Single Player Tech Tree

(10 votes)

These are all the single player tech tree files. This are needed in creating mods in order to build the ship or station

 Activision 2002-06-11   45.32 KB 3,098 Comments: 2

Generic.png Star Trek: Armada II Manual

(33 votes)

A PDF version of the official Star Trek Armada II Manual

 Activision 2002-06-05   1.17 MB 9,951 Comments: 0

Generic.png Star Trek: Armada II ODF files

(23 votes)

These are needed for modding Armada II ships and stations

 Activision 2002-06-11   748.00 KB 5,375 Comments: 7

Manual.png Storm3D Object Definition (SOD) File Format 1.8

(2 votes)

A very useful bit of information here from the files of Steve Williams, Storm3D Graphics Engine Lead, posted by Pepperman a while back in the forums,…

 Pepperman 2009-04-03   169.68 KB 1,599 Comments: 0