Star Trek Indpendence Promo Star Trek Indpendence Promo

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Chris Edmund, 2004-01-01

This is a promo movie of Star Trek Indpendence. You need Quicktime to view the promo.

Name : Christopher Edmund
Date: 16 December 2003
help : if you wish to help email me above
Info : it is a promo for Star Trek Indpendence

I know it is 'chopy' and 'Jurky' but that's the best i can do for battle


You can use the quick time player to view the promo hope you like it!

Thank you

Christopher Edmund

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#1 FIREBALL_IV 2004-01-01 11:49
are those blue shields i see on the galaxy? how did you achieve this???
#2 aa1 2004-01-01 16:15
yes blue shields, it on bridge commander and any one whom would like that mod please email me a I will email it to you when i get the email
#3 ewm91 2004-01-03 15:44
a lital star gate a lital star wars a lital star trek and what ever elss i am mising it is intresting

good fuerst copy i hope you will finesh it
#4 hexit 2004-01-07 14:10
Very nice looking.

Makes me mad why i can't do things like that! :mad:

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