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Future Tense Team, 2006-06-08

Well, today I happily present for you one of the most highly anticipated mods for Armada One, that's right, Armada One and boy, what style this mod contains. All I can say, is, the mod takes Armada One at the least to a new level (and does well compared to Armada Two).

The teaser below, in that download button, will make you think how far the game can be pushed with a full-on effort into mod production and with release due to be some point later this year, we can only wait but the fact that it just seems to get better and better the more you hear about it definitely helps. The other thing I will say, from information provided to me from one of the head developers, is that, the shipyard workers must over-work with the multi-ship production capabilities being able to build offensive, defensive and scientific Nebula class variants at the same time! Trust me, I've had to bite my tongue as to what to say in terms of capabilities, just be excited. Whilst that isn't shown in the teaser though, it does show what can be expected in the opening of the mod in the opening video. No screenshots for this one, just trust me and download it, then look for your nearest copy of Armada 1 and wait, patiently.

None contained.

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#11 darthmop 2006-08-19 08:37
what is this mod like? like armada , like brdge commander, like starfleet command? or a mix of them?
#12 Adam_Kitchin 2006-08-27 11:45
It is Star Trek Armada 1. That is just WIP animations for the start up. The teaser is basically tell ppl that the mod is alive. ETA for release is around December providing there are no additional set backs

#13 destroyer356 2007-03-17 20:44
i only get sound when i play this what codec is used some one help before i explode! :mad: :mad: :borg:

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