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Doca Cola, 2003-12-15

This is a preview trailer from Fleet Ops i think Beta 2.0. Its made by Trickster of Armada Universe, and features "two minutes of Fleet Operation Battles". the quality isnt that great, it kinda makes some of the nice details hard to see, and you cant really even have it full screen if your running 1024x768.

Overall, its a pritty good video, somthing to check out if you have the bandwidth.

Fleet Operations - Armada II Total Conversion Trailer
Copyright (C) 2003 Fleet Operations Development Team

This Trailer made by Trickser of Armada Universe features two minutes of Fleet
Operations battles. Nothing more to say. It's imply worth a look. Thx Trickster!

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#1 Guest 2003-12-17 10:40
I enjoyed watching it... But please please please when ppl write reviews on things, at least attempt to spell things correctly... It's !pritty! annoying!
#2 FileTrekker 2003-12-17 13:02
Umm.....will you please please get a user account?

The spelling looks fine, but "ppl" is rather poor spelling/grammer then spelling "pritty" wrong by genuine mistake. I wish people would take more time to sign up and not to use dumb short words like "ppl" when you have enough space and time to write "people".

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