Birth Of The Federation Intro Movie Birth Of The Federation Intro Movie

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Bryan, 2002-11-03

Sigh...leave it to the competition to not honor a developer's wishes. Bryan didn't want this released, but a certain competitor of Armada2Files posted it up for download, so Bryan just decided to might as well post it here. Nice job competitor Rolleyes

Anyway, this is that excellent movie that I posted pics of in the news thread. It's definetly worth downloading Smile

None, just copy it into the "movies" folder, and it'll replace the standard one.

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#11 darleyboy 2006-05-08 13:54
were can i find the botf mods,i know the fed side mod one is on this site but i cant find it again,and i cant go on armadafleetcommand to get the full mod because of the antivirus mods i installed,can someone help me,soon?

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