Star Trek Fonts Star Trek Fonts

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Unknown / Anonymous, 2003-10-14

Well, a collection of Star Trek fonts, theres alot to choose from, and its a must have for all major modders to use for there mods logos or even for in-game textures such as ship registries or other fine details. These fonts are fully compatable with all your faveorite text editors such as Microsoft Word as well as image edting tools like photoshop. Thanks to bloodenator for sending these in!

For Computers

To install:

1 extract files into a noncompressed folder

2 open the Control Panel in the Start menu

3 double-click on fonts, then open the Files menu, and click on
install new font

4 choose the folder you extracted the fonts in and choose all fonts
to install

You will see the new fonts in programs such as Microsoft Word.

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